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Best Hair Cuts in Hillsborough

The newest and best way to cut hair Trends come and go. In the hair profession, they tend to come and go very quickly. Just when you have your eye on some new cut or color, it’s no longer in fashion. Many hair stylists use different techniques when cutting hair such as blunt-cutting, thinning and every shaving hair at the salon. One ... More

Hair Stylist in Hillsborough NJ

How to detangle the worst knots Some of us have hair that gets knotty the second we touch it. Skipping a wash can knot it up like no one’s business. It’s not the greatest situation to be in. Knots can drive you nuts but there are lots of ways to defeat this unwanted hurdles in our hair. Detangling those nasty hair knots can become of ... More

Healthy Hair Styles from Legends Salon

SOS (Save our strands): Your hair needs help! When it comes to damaged hair, your hair stylist in Hillsborough has seen and done it all. Of course, they know how to fix hair that has come to them that is over-processed, over-styled or otherwise just a mess. When you hit the salon, your stylist does all the right things to get your hair ... More

No Frizz – No Worries!

KERATIN TREATMENT THAT WILL LAST BEYOND THE SUMMER Our Keratin treatment is an easy wash 'n wear system that you never have to blow dry. Shower, towel dry & walk out! Simple! If you still want to dry your hair it's easy to blow out. Keratin treatments last 3 to 4 months. Schedule between now and the end of June and get a FREE ... More

Summer Hairstyles at Legends Salon in Hillsborough NJ!

Summer Hairstyles for 2017! Summer is almost here and with it comes familiar hair woes: frizziness, damage, split ends. In the summer it gets so hot and if you have long hair down your back it can drive you crazy. Even shorter hair needs to be pulled away from the face so we aren’t in a constant sweat.   That damage that is done ... More

Hair Tips From Hair Salon in Hillsborough

How often should you wash your hair? When it comes to washing your hair, no two heads are alike. Therefore, you need to figure out what your hair texture is all about in order to figure out just how often you should be washing your hair. Meeting with your hair stylist is one way to figure out what you should be doing as far as taking ... More