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Hillsborough NJ Haircuts for Men

Cutting edge cuts for men The trends for men’s haircuts in 2017 have been medium to long hair lengths. Men are looking for volume and style in their hair these days. While the short cut will always be on trend, playing around with other styles has shown us that men’s cuts are anything but ordinary. The next time you hit your hair ... More

Men’s Haircuts in Hillsborough NJ

A Hillsborough salon that caters to men too When it comes to our hair, we all want it to look its best. Let’s face it. It’s one of the first things people see when they meet us for the first time. Men want a good cut and style just as much as women do. Legends Salon of Hillsborough is a hair salon that caters to men just as much as ... More

Classic Wedding Styles From Legends Salon

Choosing a wedding hairstyle that won’t make you cringe 20 years from now If you are like any other woman, when you pull out your prom pictures you cringe at that awful hairstyle you chose. The further back your prom picture dates, chances are, the worse the style is. When it comes to your wedding day hair, you don’t want to look ... More

Hair Salon for Wedding Near Me

Wedding Day Hair Styles June is officially the kick off season to the summer and more importantly, to summer weddings. Now that the month is over, it doesn’t mean the weddings don’t continue. In fact, the entire summer should come into consideration when it comes to summer weddings. Most weddings take place during the warmer months ... More