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Salon Hair Products For You in Hillsborough

Finding the right products for your hair How do you choose the right products for your hair type? Hair itself is either healthy and unproblematic (neutral) or it’s dry. The scalp can secrete excess sebum and make your hair greasy but hair doesn’t just become greasy. You need to find the right products adapted to your hair type. When ... More

Men’s Haircuts & Styles in Hillsborough

Millennial Men and their hair obsession Women aren’t the only ones looking for a good hair day. Men strive to make the best look of their tresses as well. Men in their 20s and 30s brought back the beard. They apply a daily moisturizer and now are obsessing over their hair. They use grooming products as much as women use them. Young men ... More

Hair Dressers in Hillsborough NJ

How well do you know your hair? You’ve been together forever, you and your hair. But are you giving your hair the love and attention that it actually needs? You may think you are doing the very best for it but are you really? Every hair type has special needs so you want to make sure you are giving your hair type the very best care. ... More

Beauty Parlor in Hillsborough NJ

Hair myths-Debunked! You have heard them all. “Don’t pluck out that gray hair because it will make more grow” or “brush your hair 100 strokes per day.” Hair myths have been around for so long that many times we believe them to be true. Your hair stylists at Legends Salon of Hillsborough are here to clear up the air about a few ... More

Color Your Hair at Legends Salon in NJ!

How to pull off brightly colored hair as an adult As rebellious teenagers, we dreamed of (and sometimes did) having brightly colored hair. Pink, blue, green or even deep, bright red were all colors once reserved for youth. As adults more and more people are going bold with brightly colored hair and not making any excuses for it either. ... More