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Best Hair Extensions in NJ

Best hair extension methods If you have ever worn any type of hair extensions, you know how they can instantly transform your look. If you have only worn clip-in hair extensions then you may have some hesitation when it comes to semi-permanent extensions. Semi-permanent extensions are most requested at hair salons around the world. Some ... More

Hair Extensions in Hillsborough NJ

Caring for hair extensions Hair extensions were once reserved for movie sets and celebrities. Luckily, hair extensions are no longer just for the red carpet and you can easily achieve your own hair transformation with a little help from your own luscious locks. If you are thinking of adding some length to your look, make sure you are ... More

Hair Extensions in Hillsborough

An expert guide to hair extensions One super hot trend these days in hair is extensions. Hair extensions are everywhere although you may not even know it. Today’s hair extensions are done so perfectly that you can’t tell where someone’s hair ends and where their extensions begin. One major reason hair extensions can look so good is ... More

Fix Your Frizzy Hair!

Fix your hair hang-ups Every year we make resolutions that we promise ourselves we are going to stick to in the New Year. We promise to lose weight, stop smoking or change our financial situation. Often, we also resolve to try and fix our beauty routines and make changes and updates to our hair. When you visit your favorite hair salon in ... More

Night Out Hairstyles From Legends!

Sparkly Night Out Hairstyles you will love! Make 2018 the year that you rock that elegant dress with the perfect Night Out hairstyle. With the promise of change and good things to come, see what Legends Salon of Hillsborough can do for you.  A wonderful hairstyle that really flatters you can make your whole look. That’s why it’s ... More