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Pros and Cons of Hair Extensions

The pros and cons of hair extensions If you’ve ever envied a celebrity’s gorgeous hair, we hope you know by now that they are probably hair extensions. We can’t all roll out of bed with amazing beach waves. Extensions do more than add length, they also add volume. If you have hair that is at least three inches long, you can get ... More

Hair Accessories & Extensions For Your Hair

Dress up your hair There are many ways to dress up your hair and put your best face forward. One way to do this is by using hair accessories and making sure your hair is the healthiest it can be. For those of us with shorter hair, sometimes we want the look of luscious, long hair. Instead of waiting months and even years to get those ... More

Current Hair Trends in Hillsborough

Biggest hair trends of 2018 Copying a celebrity’s latest haircut is a great way to find something you love that works with your texture and look. But, what’s even better is beating them to the punch by knowing what hairstyles are going to be hot this year. Of course, not every trend is going to look right on you so we encourage you ... More

Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day in Hillsborough

Hairstyles for Valentine’s! Valentine’s day is quickly approaching. You either love the day or think it’s a holiday made up by Hallmark to sell cards. For those hopeless romantics, February 14th is your favorite day of the whole year! If you love celebrating it like we do, your hair stylist at Legends Salon of Hillsborough is ready ... More