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Questions to Ask Your Stylist About Hair Extensions

Ask your stylist about hair extensions One of the hottest trends in hair right now is hair extensions. Some of the most amazing hair experts can take your average hair and turn it into something fresh and new and fantastic. Hair extensions have the ability to change lives and if you think we’re exaggerating, clearly you haven’t tried ... More

Best Hair Extensions in Hillsborough

What to ask your hair salon about hair extensions Whether you are a first-time extension client or veteran extension wearer, sorting through the endless brands of extensions and methods can be time-consuming and confusing. Luckily, your hair extension experts at Legends Salon of Hillsborough is here to provide you with the knowledge to ... More

Great Hair with Legends Salon

Embracing natural, no-fuss textures with fresh, interesting haircuts Like it or not, the no fuss, no muss way of styling and wearing our hair is here and it doesn’t look like its leaving anytime soon. Even though we want quick and fast styles, it doesn’t mean we have to be blasé about how we get it done. We are all busy and we lead ... More

New Hair Styles in Hillsborough NJ

Be a hair goddess Unlocking your hair’s potential is a feat many women strive to achieve. Maybe our hair is too thin or too thick, too straight or too curly. We may think our cut could be better or our locks are lifeless. At Legends Salons of Hillsborough, we are here to tell you that every woman has beautiful hair. Sometimes it just ... More