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Sexy Hairstyles For Spring

Spring is finally coming! See how to prepare your hair for it Thanks to Pinterest we have so much information about the latest hair and makeup trends making waves on social media this spring. After 111 days into 2018, of what seems like the whole month of January, it’s finally time to start seeing Spring around here. Let’s hope it ... More

Fix Your Hairstyle Mistakes

Hairstyle mistakes that age you Your hair is an extension of you. When your hair doesn’t look right, neither does the rest of you. Hair color and styles can add years to your look. Some of the biggest hairstyle mistakes can be fixed with just one visit to your hair salon. Are you making one of these mistakes? If you are, it’s time to ... More

Best Haircuts & Hair Styles in Hillsborough

Ghost Layering Your Hair - What are ghost layers? The best haircuts are the ones that are easy to style yet full of movement and texture. Ghost layers, a haircutting technique created by hairstylist Ramon Garcia, is the latest trend to take over and is the perfect cut if you’re looking for a modern, low-maintenance hairdo for summer. ... More

Silver Is The Hot New Trend In Hair

Tired of coloring the grays? Silver hair is the hot new trend Is silver the new black? When it comes to your hair, it just may be. Many women are saying goodbye to dyeing their gray and embracing their natural silver hair color. The trend, however, with gray hair is becoming more and more popular with the younger generation and women are ... More