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The newest and best way to cut hair


Trends come and go. In the hair profession, they tend to come and go very quickly. Just when you have your eye on some new cut or color, it’s no longer in fashion. Many hair stylists use different techniques when cutting hair such as blunt-cutting, thinning and every shaving hair at the salon. One new trend as well is cutting your hair with a technique called “twist cutting.”

Twist cutting may be another trend but it isn’t new. It is a technique that was used in the eighties when stylists were trying to find new ways to texturize hair.  Stylists then would twist sections of permed hair and snip off the ends to give them a frazzled, feathery look. Today the technique is being used on hair of any texture and length to achieve the same effect but in a more modern way.

The approach is the same as a traditional cut but instead of using a blunt cut a stylist will twist sections of hair before cutting. Your stylist will twist a portion of your hair and slide the scissors halfway down the hair shaft while applying pressure to the blade as they slice to the ends. The end result is softer than a traditional crop.

This twist cut looks great on clients but it also allows the hair stylist to be creative as well. Hair stylists are always looking for new ways to cut and style hair as a way to be expressive while giving the client the best cut for them. A good stylist will sit you in their chair and literally size you up. They look at your hair but also your body and your style and then they create a look in their mind. Of course, it matters what you say too. What you are looking to achieve is the most important part of all. They find ways to incorporate what you want into your hair, but in a way that is modern and works for you.

Your stylist will offer suggestions as well but it doesn’t mean you have to act on them yet or at all. It is a take away that you can think about until the next time you come back for a visit. A good hair stylist wants to give you an effective consultation not only to help you achieve your look but to offer advice on what they think would work for you too. You want them to be honest after all, don’t you?

Your face shape, features, and the specific lines of your face all factor into a stylist’s suggestions for your hair. Even the way you dress may determine what they think will work for you. Remember, they have been trained to do this and a good hair stylist will continue training so that they can stay on top of the latest trends and understand their clientele better.

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