Best Hair Extensions in Hillsborough

What to ask your hair salon about hair extensions

Best Hair Extensions in Hillsborough

Whether you are a first-time extension client or veteran extension wearer, sorting through the endless brands of extensions and methods can be time-consuming and confusing. Luckily, your hair extension experts at Legends Salon of Hillsborough is here to provide you with the knowledge to help you make an informed decision when committing to your hair extension service.

At Legends Salon, we used the fusion method of extensions but we want you to be armed with the difference in other methods and then we want to explain to you why the method we use is our preference. If you are new to extensions and aren’t sure where to start, read on.

Any licensed cosmetologist certified in hair extensions can determine whether or not you are a suitable client for extensions. This is extremely important to determine before you start to avoid any damage or hair loss. Even certain lifestyles are not suitable for some of the hair extension methods so be sure to take a look at the pros and cons of extensions before you begin. Your hair extension expert can walk you through this.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a hair extension method: the health of your hair, your hair type and texture and budget. Determining whether you are a suitable client factors into how healthy your hair actually is. Hair that is brittle, over processed and/or broken will need to strengthen before you can add extensions. Some methods of extensions are more suitable for thin, fine hair or coarser hair so your hair type and texture is also going to be a factor. As far as budget, prices for hair extensions range depending on the method so you need to take that into consideration as well.

There are several methods to consider and these range from tape-ins to clip-in to glue to sew to fusion. These methods are not suitable for all hair types and lifestyles so you need to understand the process and maintenance of each one before deciding which is the best method for you. Understand that some methods are more permanent and others require much more maintenance than others.

Legends Salon hair extension experts use LaBella Extensions. They are 100% First Choice Remy Human Hair which is European textured and non-tangling. The pre-bonded hair makes it so simple to apply and the bond is made of a keratin protein so there is no wax or glue. There is no damage done to your own hair and it is virtually undetectable and very easy to maintain.

Extensions can be an answer to a prayer for cancer patients who have lost their hair to treatments or they can be that confidence booster you have been searching high and low for. Whatever your reasoning for wanting fuller and longer hair, hair extensions may be that answer you are looking for. When you are ready to decide if extensions are right for you, come talk to the experts at Legends Salon of Hillsborough and let us help you figure it out.

Legends Salon of Hillsborough is your premier place for hair extensions.

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