Best Hair Salon for Men Near Me in Hillsborough

Men need grooming too!


Men listen up! If you think going to a salon is just for women, you are sadly mistaken. Men need to go also. This isn’t even about pampering, it’s about looking healthy. There are many reasons to visit a salon. You should be tending to your hair, teeth, eyebrows and nails. Are you hesitant because you are afraid you will be the only man walking into a hair salon in Hillsborough? Trust us, it just isn’t so. Many men visit hair salons to have their hair properly styled, their facial hair maintained and believe it or not, coloring their hair! Men need proper grooming too!

If are some grooming tips you should be following. If you aren’t, listen up! It’s time to get started.

Eyebrow maintenance

It’s time to look in the mirror long and hard to examine the state of your brows. Overly bushy eyebrows look very unkempt. It makes you look as if you have avoided all personal upkeep so it is essential that you groom your brows. When you go a haircut, ask your stylist to trim your eyebrows. It isn’t an uncommon thing to ask and you aren’t the first person to request it. If you have the unibrow effect going on, a little waxing or tweezing can fix it.

Professional lowlights

Hair coloring isn’t just for women. It is a basic grooming move for men too. If your hair color is starting to gray, consider getting professional lowlights at a salon. A good colorist will be able to blend in lowlights with the gray giving you a younger look. If you aren’t sure what lowlights are, contact a hair salon like Legends Salon and speak to a hair colorist.

Manicures and pedicures

Hand and foot health is important for everyone, men included. It is essential to get rid of dry, dead skin that builds up on the soles of your feet. You shouldn’t feel funny going to a nail salon, many men do it and the women there love it! Consider a manicure whether you are working with your hands all day or climbing up the corporate ladder. Both circumstances need to have regular hand maintenance.

Body grooming

You may not need to shave your legs or armpits as a man, but there are other parts of your body that have hair and should be properly groomed. Consider professional waxing to take care of the hair on your back, chest, and arms. Want to do it at home? Try hair-removal creams or an electric razor. Facial hair should be groomed as well. If you prefer not to have a clean, close shave, make sure your mustache or goatee is properly groomed.

There are many other grooming tips men should be following including trimming nose and ear hair and keeping teeth white and bright. We could all use a little help so if you don’t know where to get started, find a hair salon in Hillsborough who can show you the way. At Legends Salon we offer many services for men and what we can’t do we can lead you to the ones that can.

Men, come visit Legends Salon today and let us groom you!

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