Looks For Independence Day

Looks for a star-spangled July! Start your Independence Day with a bang! Whatever your 4th of July plans may be you will need a hairstyle that will get you through the festivities without a lot of fuss. If you are hitting the beach or a backyard BBQ, you want effortless, no muss hair so that you have more time to enjoy the day. Visit ... More


Be Happy With Your Hair

Love the skin (and hair) you’re in We always want what we don’t have. If you are short you want to be taller and vice versa. The same holds true with our hair. If you have fine straight hair, you long for thick, full-bodied hair. But what if we could just embrace the hair we have and be happy? We would just be a little bit less ... More


Legends Salon Knows Best

Hair texture: what is yours? Hair exists in a variety of textures. There is no rhyme or reason as to what we were blessed with in the hair category. It is important, however, to know what kind of texture we have. This will allow us to understand how to take care of it. When we think of hair texture, there are three main aspects to ... More


Hair Detox For Summer

Hair detox everyone needs to do ahead of summer With summer just around the corner, we’re switching up our beauty regimes and refreshing our wardrobes to welcome in the sunshine. But if you have forgotten to give your hair some love after the long, cold winter now is the time to get it in good condition. Chat with the friendly staff at ... More


Chemicals In Your Hair Products

Chemicals that should NOT be in your hair care products Is “sulfate-free” a good thing? What’s up with parabens? What are the ingredients we should be avoiding completely? Most of us don’t read the entire list of ingredients in our hair products but these labels raise more questions than answers. We are going to take a quick run ... More


What is in Your Shampoo?

What is really going on with your shampoo? The selection of hair shampoos seems so complex. Why are their clear, green, blue, cheap, expensive, thick, thin, fragrant and unscented varieties of shampoo? Why can’t the whole cleansing process be simplified by using the same bar of soap on our hair that we use on our body? Does the shampoo ... More


Healthy Hair in Hillsborough NJ

The dos and don’ts of healthy hair We spend a lot of time looking at our hair, touching it, tending to it and choosing the most effective products. Washing, blow-drying, and styling it. Coloring, curling or straightening it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean our hair is healthy. So how do you keep those locks shiny and healthy? Read ... More

Fix Your Frizzy Hair!

Let’s Fix That Bad Hair Day

Having a bad hair day? Let’s fix it! Bad hair days can happen to good people. Instead of trudging through the workday with lifeless locks or tons of frizz, use your best beauty products to tame your mane once and for all. Here are some reasons that you might be having a bad hair day and how to recover. The struggle: “My hair is so ... More


Break Up With Your Hair Stylist

Breaking up is hard to do No one likes to break up. The tears, the heartache, the agony of it all. So when we find a hair stylist we like, we want to keep them forever. However, sometimes, you may have to break up with your hair stylist. It’s not something you want to do but, for the sake of your hair, it is sometimes necessary. How do ... More


Styling Both Straight and Curly Hair

Everything you need to know about styling hair that's straight on top, curly on the bottom It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... That pretty much sums up what it feels like to be blessed with both straight and curly hair. Interestingly, largely due to genetics, many women experience the board-like strands on top of their ... More