Blowouts For That Special Occasion

The beauty of the blowout


Whether you are addicted to getting blowouts or you’ve never had one in your life, there is likely plenty of things you may not know about the process. You may have questions like which products work better and are their different style options when you seek a blowout from your hair salon? If you are looking to go for your first or your hundredth blowout, there are things no one tells you about getting them.

Read on so that you’re sure to have a great experience every time.

Blowouts aren’t just for curly haired girls

You can get curls or waves, or texture, or just straight hair with a blowout.   A blowout doesn’t mean that you will simply have smooth, bouncy hair with a bit of a curl at the end.

Communicate with your stylist

If you are not into having too much product in your hair or you want a different style once it’s done, tell your stylist. You should discuss what kind of style you want before the blowout begins but don’t be afraid to speak up if you think the communication wires have gotten crossed.


Depending on your hair texture, a blowout can last anywhere from three days to a week. Use dry shampoo to absorb any oil at your roots. To get a bit of volume back in your hair after sleeping on it, flip your head over and us a little bit of volumizing spray.

Hairspray helps

If your stylist uses a light hold hairspray and sprays it in their hand or on a brush before putting it in your hair, flyaways that naturally happen with blowouts will cease to exist and your hair will have incredible movement and body.

All shampoos are not created equal

Usually, a salon will use a shampoo specifically formulated for your hair type for the best blowout results possible. Ask them what they are using if you aren’t sure.

Go in just for a blowout

If you need a good blowout, you can call your salon to schedule a wash and dry. There is no need for a cut and/or color if you don’t need it. If you simply want the blowout, schedule it with your stylist!

Consider a Brazilian blowout

If you are on the hunt for smooth, frizz-free hair, look into a Brazilian blowout, which can last up to twelve weeks. The treatment itself usually lasts 90 minutes and will give you gorgeous, long-lasting results.

You can try doing your own blowout at home but for the best results, no one is going to give you a blowout like your hair salon can. Sometimes it’s good to pamper ourselves and get perfectly coiffed hair from a blowout, especially if you have a special occasion coming up. The beauty of a blowout just can’t be beat!

For a beautiful blowout every time, contact Legends Salon of Hillsborough and have one of our experts give you great looking hair!

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    * Please note this does not schedule your appointment. We will verify through email or phone call the actual appointment dates & times that are available.

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