Looks For Independence Day

Looks for a star-spangled July! Start your Independence Day with a bang! Whatever your 4th of July plans may be you will need a hairstyle that will get you through the festivities without a lot of fuss. If you are hitting the beach or a backyard BBQ, you want effortless, no muss hair so that you have more time to enjoy the day. Visit ... More


Be Happy With Your Hair

Love the skin (and hair) you’re in We always want what we don’t have. If you are short you want to be taller and vice versa. The same holds true with our hair. If you have fine straight hair, you long for thick, full-bodied hair. But what if we could just embrace the hair we have and be happy? We would just be a little bit less ... More


Hair Detox For Summer

Hair detox everyone needs to do ahead of summer With summer just around the corner, we’re switching up our beauty regimes and refreshing our wardrobes to welcome in the sunshine. But if you have forgotten to give your hair some love after the long, cold winter now is the time to get it in good condition. Chat with the friendly staff at ... More


Healthy Hair in Hillsborough NJ

The dos and don’ts of healthy hair We spend a lot of time looking at our hair, touching it, tending to it and choosing the most effective products. Washing, blow-drying, and styling it. Coloring, curling or straightening it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean our hair is healthy. So how do you keep those locks shiny and healthy? Read ... More


Styling Both Straight and Curly Hair

Everything you need to know about styling hair that's straight on top, curly on the bottom It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... That pretty much sums up what it feels like to be blessed with both straight and curly hair. Interestingly, largely due to genetics, many women experience the board-like strands on top of their ... More


Combating Frizzy Hair

Combating Frizzy Hair Summer is coming and that means frizzy hair will be here soon enough. Even though the ground is just now defrosting and spring is upon us, it’s never too early to start prepping our hair for the summertime frizz. We all know that frizz happens at all times of the year but summer frizz seems to be the most frustr... More


Make Your Hair Grow Faster

How to make your hair grow faster Whether you are struggling to take your bob longer or just want super long mermaid locks, there are tips and tricks you need to know in order to grow your hair faster and longer. Diet The old saying, “you are what you eat,” couldn’t be truer. Diet is very important for hair growth. You need to ... More


Listen To Your Hairstylist in NJ

What exactly is your hairstylist thinking? Going to the hair salon should be an enjoyable experience. Not just for you but for the person who gets to style your hair. This is their chosen career and they love what they do. It makes their lives a lot easier, however, if you knew a few simple things about your hair. These hints will ... More

Blowouts at Legends Salon in Hillsborough

How to extend the life of your blowout If you are like me with very, very curly hair, you understand some frustrations we have to endure. I have a mountainous tumble of ringlets. It is a lot of work. It’s very high maintenance. They are impossible to detangle, I have to spritz them with a moisturizing reviving spray every morning, and ... More


Benefits Of Going To A Salon

The Benefits of Going to a Salon Most of us are busy and don’t always make it to the hair salon as often as we’d like. Sometimes we end up with four inches of root growth before we return for a color. When hair salons are thought of as more than just a chore to fix hair, a wide range of positive aspects being to emerge. Chat with the ... More