Spending Money on our Hair in Hillsborough

Why we spend money on our hair High-end hair salons are often looked upon as being snooty and over the top. You are getting a cut from an overconfident hairdresser whose work isn’t really much better than someone at a lower end salon. This may be true in a few cases but for the most part, you are paying for top of the line services for ... More


Great Hair Cuts in Hillsborough NJ

Five tricks to air drying your hair and still make it look great Learn how the right cut and post-shower tricks can give your hair volume and healthy, bouncy texture. These are tips from the experts at Legends Salon of Hillsborough. We aren’t your ordinary hair salon. Let us show you how we can make your hair beautiful without the ... More


Find The Right Hair Stylist at Legends

6 signs you have found the right hair stylist It’s hard to find that perfect person to do your hair, but once you find them, hang onto them. In our lifetime we will go through many hair stylists. You may find that you love your salon and if your stylist moves on, you may not want to follow. You might move and have to find a new stylist ... More


Perm or Straighten your Hair

Perming and Straightening Hair: We always want what we don’t have! People who have straight hair want the look of bouncy curls and those with wavy locks dream of the look of pin straight hair. We always want what we don’t have! Fear not, however, there are many options available these days to give you what your heart (and hair) ... More


Hot Colors in Hair at Legends Salon

The hottest colors in hair this fall A lot of changes are happening this fall with hair color. Tones tend to be softer and warmer that mimic the colors of fall.   Fall is such a gorgeous time of year and the colors of nature are all around us. Contact your hair salon to get the best color for your hair and skin tone that are inspired ... More


Know Your Hair Stylist in Hillsborough

A few things your hairstylist wants you to know Going to the hair salon should be an enjoyable experience. Not just for you but for the person who gets to style your hair. This is their chosen career and they love what they do. It makes their lives a lot easier, however, if you knew a few simple things about your hair. These hints ... More


Haircut Trends in Hillsborough

Change your life by changing your cut Whether you just went through a bad break up, have had health issues or are just looking for a change, one of the best ways to mix things up without going absolutely nuts is to cut your hair. It may seem like a drastic idea to you but hair will grow back and exploring a new cut may be just the thing ... More


Find A Hair Salon After a Bout with Cancer

Finding a hair salon to help your hair after cancer Many women come to hair salons after their hair has started to grow back due to the effects of chemotherapy treatments. Losing your hair to chemo is a devastating thing and after months of having no hair, when it does grow back often it is different than your former hair. The texture, ... More


Healthy Hair With Legends Salon

What your hair can say about your health October is breast cancer awareness month. It’s also a good time to check our overall health and understand that sometimes parts of our body can give us clues that something is amiss. Most of us view our hair as separate from the rest of our body. Just like our nails, our hair is an extension of ... More


Why Men Should Visit Legends Hair Salon

Why men should go to a hair salon to get their hair cut Many men hit the barbershop, get a cut, a shave and are on their way. But, what if you have difficult hair or just don’t like the buzz cut you’ve been getting forever? Barbers cut hair. They aren’t in the business of styling. That’s when it’s time to find a hair salon. It ... More