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Choosing a wedding hairstyle that won’t make you cringe 20 years from now


If you are like any other woman, when you pull out your prom pictures you cringe at that awful hairstyle you chose. The further back your prom picture dates, chances are, the worse the style is. When it comes to your wedding day hair, you don’t want to look back on photos of your big day and shutter at the awful style you chose. To avoid the dated look of whatever trend is going on right now, seek the advice of your hair salon and pick a timeless wedding hairstyle that won’t make you want to burn your wedding photos several years from now.

Simplicity is key

Don’t overdo your hairstyle. It still is and has always been about the dress, not the hairstyle and the makeup. Therefore, keep it simple with both. It’s about the shape, texture, and movement of your hair. Fresh feeling hair that moves but doesn’t lose its shape or style is the key. Combining that with a classic color tone will give your hair a truly timeless look. Don’t go for a vibrant color or crazy highlights for your wedding day unless this is the overall look you go for on a daily basis. Even then, try to tame it down for your big day because having pink hair today does not mean you will twenty years from now.

Keep your personality in check

You always want to look like the very best version of yourself on your big day. Therefore, don’t select anything too fussy. If you are more of a laid back person, select a style that is soft and classic using soft curls or waves and sweep a little off your face. If you always wear your hair down, don’t do an updo. Instead keep your hair down but give it a more formal look.

Keep with the theme

If you have a particular theme for your wedding such as beachy or elegant, fit your hairstyle to fit with the vibe of the wedding. If you are having a backyard wedding, keep your hair more organic by using wild flowers within your hairstyle. If your affair is more black tie, then your hair should follow suit with this. Try a classic, clean chignon. The dress, hair, and makeup should all complement each other as well as fit in with the overall theme of the wedding.

Following these simple steps to finding the right hairstyle for your big wedding day will ensure that you won’t look back on your photos in the years to come and wish you had done something different. If you aren’t sure what look you are going for, start with your dress. Find the perfect dress for your body and then use your hair and makeup to frame it. Take a picture of your dress and bring it into your hair salon to get the best, most honest suggestions for your day.

For your wedding day, Legends Salon of Hillsborough can make sure you get that classic, timeless look you are trying to achieve.

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