Cure Dry Winter Hair

How to cure dry winter hair


Just like your skin, your hair can get dry in the winter also. Like flaky skin, parched strands suffer in the cold. It’s pretty easy and necessary to keep your hair looking radiant even in the winter. Here is some practical advice from your hairstylists and hair salons, along with updates on hair hydrating technology.

Treat your hair delicately

Hair may not be alive like your skin cells, but you still have to treat it right. You wouldn’t throw your cashmere into steaming hot water, so look after your hair and treat it the same way. If you have a dry, itchy scalp it is because you are using hotter water when it’s cold outside. Try lukewarm or even cold on your locks.

Deep condition your hairbrush

Get a natural bristle brush and after you clean it, deep condition the brush regularly with a hair serum, oil or leave-in conditioner. This way, when you brush through your hair, it gives it extra shine but without weighing it down.

Humidity counts

The main cause of dry winter hair is not the temperature but the lack of moisture in the air. Use humidifiers and avoid space heaters as they suck out moisture in the air. Switch to ionic hair dryers because they use less heat to get the same effect.

Coat your hair

The trick is to trap moisture, which is essentially how hydrating shampoos and conditioners work. Traditional creams don’t adhere well to hair so make sure you are using something that is more oil based.


In salon services can now hydrate and soften but leave hair texture intact. Keratin can be used as a long-lasting conditioner, not just to straighten unruly hair. This essentially will help your hair stay hydrated in the winter.

Read the label

There may be hidden drying agents lurking in your styling products. Stay away from styling products with alcohol, as they tend to dry out hair even more. If you have a favorite conditioner that contains silicones, you may want to switch for a silicone-free version. Silicones can build up with repeated use and coat the hair too much, making it dull and lifeless. Use pure argan oil before blow-drying to prep the hair and again afterward to finish the style.

There are so many ways to keep hair hydrated and healthy during the winter months but we hope these few tips will give you some ideas. For even better protection against old man winter, visit your local hair salon in Hillsborough for best results. Your hair doesn’t have to be dry in the winter months, it can remain happy and healthy all year long. You just have to have the right tools.

For the best hair care in winter and beyond, visit the experts at Legends Salon of Hillsborough. We have the right treatments for dry lifeless hair and tips for after you leave the salon to ensure your hair remains hydrated and healthy even after you walk out our door.

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