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Questions your hair stylist wants you to ask them


When you hit the hair salon, you want to make sure you come out with the hairstyle you are seeking. Any good hair stylist will ask you questions about what you are trying to achieve. But what about questions you have? Your hair stylist actually does want you to ask them questions about the health of your hair and burning questions you may actually be afraid to ask. It is your hair and your money so why wouldn’t you ask questions? When you are seeking professional help from a hair salon in Hillsborough, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Here are some questions to ask your hair stylist when you go on your next visit. Some may not apply to you but it’s important to arm yourself with things to ask so that you can have a positive experience and more importantly, healthy, strong and beautiful hair.

How healthy is my hair?

You may think your hair stylist can’t tell how healthy your hair is just by looking at it, but don’t be fooled. They know. They can tell what you’ve been doing and not doing. They can tell how healthy not only your hair is but your scalp too. So ask! They can recommend products to get your hair healthier. He or she will no doubt recommend the products the salon carries but don’t be afraid to ask about less expensive drugstore alternatives. They want you to be comfortable buying what you need but they don’t want you to break the bank.

Is there a better hairstyle for my face than what I am currently doing?

No one wants to admit that their hairstyle might be outdated and if you’ve been getting the same cut for years, you may actually be making yourself look older than you are. Your hair stylist may not want to ask you if you want to change styles for fear you will feel offended. So instead of sticking with the same style you consider safe and comfortable, seek the advice of your stylist. Chances are they have already been thinking about a better style for you and can recommend something more flattering and modern.

What chemicals do these products contain?

Now more than ever it is important to know what is going on to your body. It is no longer just about what goes into it. It is important that they use products that are sulfate and paraben free. Don’t be afraid to ask because it is your hair and your body and most hair stylists are happy to talk about how safe the products they use are.

How can I maintain this look at home?

You don’t want to get a haircut that only looks good in the salon. A good stylist should talk you through the steps they are taking to achieve your look including what products and tools they are using. Ask questions along the way, they like to teach! They certainly don’t want you to be unhappy once you get home.

For a great look, try Legends Salon of Hillsborough. We are a full-service salon with the experience to make your hair beautiful and we want you to ask us questions! It is our goal to make sure you are happy when you leave the salon.

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    * Please note this does not schedule your appointment. We will verify through email or phone call the actual appointment dates & times that are available.

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