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6 signs you have found the right hair stylist


It’s hard to find that perfect person to do your hair, but once you find them, hang onto them. In our lifetime we will go through many hair stylists. You may find that you love your salon and if your stylist moves on, you may not want to follow. You might move and have to find a new stylist in your new city. There are so many reasons why we may have to find a new stylist. Or, maybe we haven’t even found the right one yet. You may go years thinking your hair just looks okay and think that it’s you and issues with your hair. You couldn’t be more wrong. A good stylist can take the messiest of hair situations and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Let’s take a look at some signs you can look for if you aren’t sure you found the right person for your hair.

1. They listen

It’s so nerve-wracking to have someone new do your hair. But it’s worse when you have someone who won’t listen to your needs and will do what they want. This is a sign it’s time to move on.

2. They communicate with you

They will let you know what they are doing or plan to do with your hair. A good stylist will ask you what you want and then be realistic with your expectations. You won’t have to sit in their chair and wonder what the heck they are doing.

3. They have your hair color down and know what style you like

When you start going to a new stylist, they will inspect your hair both in the salon and in natural light. They will ask you if you like your color or if you are looking to do something different. If you want to grow your hair but make a comment that you may want to cut it all off, they will stop you and talk you out of it.

4. You trust them

Once you have been with a stylist for a while you develop a certain level of trust with them. You can walk in and tell them to do whatever they want with your hair because you trust them completely and know they will make it look fabulous.

5. They are also your therapist

You know that when you go to your hair appointment you can tell your stylist anything about you and your secrets are safe with them. They will talk to you like a friend and therapist all rolled into one. You feel safe and comfortable around them.

6. You laugh

When you go to the salon you are spending anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours in there. You need to be able to laugh. You can laugh at each other or at others. Whatever the reason, laughter is key.

If most of these signs are there with your stylist consider yourself lucky for finding the perfect person for you and your hair. Once you find a great hair stylist, don’t let go. At Legends Salon of Hillsborough, we aspire to be that salon you never want to leave. Our stylists will prove that to you.

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    * Please note this does not schedule your appointment. We will verify through email or phone call the actual appointment dates & times that are available.

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