Fix Your Frizzy Hair!

Fix your hair hang-ups

Fix Your Frizzy Hair!

Every year we make resolutions that we promise ourselves we are going to stick to in the New Year. We promise to lose weight, stop smoking or change our financial situation. Often, we also resolve to try and fix our beauty routines and make changes and updates to our hair. When you visit your favorite hair salon in Hillsborough this year, consider some of your hair hang-ups and let us show you have to fix them.

End your fight with frizz

When it comes to hair, frizz is the main “F” word. It eats up precious prep time in the morning and sabotages your style the second you step outside. You can’t get a blowout every morning so when you aren’t in the salon chair, try this:

Ask your salon professional about getting a Keratin treatment. These treatments, which are not cheap, is a formula that is formaldehyde-free and acquires its power from a natural silk protein, which envelopes strands, sealing hair’s outmost cuticle layer. This can reduce frizz and loosen curls by up to 80 percent for about three months.

If Keratin treatments are not an option, try a frizz-fighting serum. The right serum, one that boosts moisture and definition, can make styling less of a battle. Find the right one for your hair texture and you will never look at frizz the same way again.

Disguise dirty hair

If you haven’t shampooed in a few days, there are some easy fixes.

You woke up late and your hair is super oily. Your first option is dry shampoo but if you’re out, try the brushed back look. It’s great for short hair that can’t fit into an updo. Spray your brush with a little hairspray and brush into the hair. Then tuck your hair behind your ears and leave the rest down.

Too much styling product and now your hair is caked with it. Sweep it into a topknot. Whatever product is already in there will give your pony texture, so no need to add more. Spritz your hair with some water to reactivate the existing product then twist it into a knot and pin into place.

Humidity and sweat don’t mix. Braid it back. For texture that’s looking out of control (the “F” word again), add a shine serum first, and to get the frizz out of your face, braid along your hairline.

We all face hair hang ups no matter what texture we have or how long or short it is. By understanding the kind of hair you have, you can find many DIY ways to keep it tame in between salon visits. If you aren’t sure what you should be doing to control your hair issues, visit your hair salon in Hillsborough and ask your salon expert. At Legends Salon, we believe in hair education. We want you to look amazing when you leave our salon but, when we can’t be at home with you (and we can’t!), we want you to be educated on how you can keep your hair looking fabulous all the time!

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