Fix Your Hairstyle Mistakes

Hairstyle mistakes that age you


Your hair is an extension of you. When your hair doesn’t look right, neither does the rest of you. Hair color and styles can add years to your look. Some of the biggest hairstyle mistakes can be fixed with just one visit to your hair salon. Are you making one of these mistakes? If you are, it’s time to revamp your hairstyle and start looking a lot younger! Legend’s Salon can help you!

You know who you are if you are still wearing the same hairstyle from the 1980s. Perhaps it was cute for its time, it does not continue to make you look younger. Quite the opposite, in fact. Dated hairstyles aren’t the only way to add years to your appearance. Keep reading to see if it’s keeping you young or adding time to your look.

Using the wrong color for covering grays

Gray hair can happen at almost any age. If you are trying to cover them, make sure you are using a color that is specially formulated for covering gray hair. If it isn’t mean for grays you won’t get the color saturation that is needed to cover them. You can choose to cover gray hair at home but if you have a lot, it’s best to leave the job to the experts. In a salon, your hair will be pre-treated with a peroxide solution. This softens up the hair and makes it more susceptible to the coloring product. Then the stylist can use a customized color to give you the perfect shade.

Your hair doesn’t match your skin tone

Maybe you saw a picture of your favorite celebrity and thought, “I could have that color too!” Before you run to get that same color, make sure it actually matches your skin tone. If you have a different skin tone than your fav celebrity, it won’t look so great on you. This can be really unflattering and actually make you look older.

Keeping a style that hasn’t changed

Nothing ages you more than keeping your hairstyle from decades past. It automatically makes you look like you’ve lived through bygone years and people will start doing the calculations on your actual age. What worked for you at age 22 is not working for you at age 52 no matter how much you think it keeps you young looking.

Being afraid of change

Being afraid of change with anything in life does nothing that keeps you stuck in the same place. As human beings, we can’t grow and learn unless we are open to change. Maybe you have been sporting hair down to your tush since you were a teenager. Why are you afraid to cut it off? We aren’t suggesting going for a shaved head or super short bob but cutting some of that length off (maybe to your shoulders or the middle of your back) can actually make your hair healthier. Trying a new cut isn’t permanent, hair grows back!

If you feel like having a more youthful look, consider changing your hairstyle. Visit your hair salon today and see what a little cut can do for your overall look. Let the experts at Legends Salon of Hillsborough make you look younger today!

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