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Five tricks to air drying your hair and still make it look great


Learn how the right cut and post-shower tricks can give your hair volume and healthy, bouncy texture. These are tips from the experts at Legends Salon of Hillsborough. We aren’t your ordinary hair salon. Let us show you how we can make your hair beautiful without the continuous use of hot tools.

We know what you are thinking. Your hair either dries flat our poufy when you take the au natural route. This is where a solid haircut, hardworking products, and clever styling come into play. Here are five tricks for the air-dried texture of your dreams:

Start with the right cut

Getting the right cut and getting it cut while hair is dry is the key to getting a cut that will work with whatever your hair does when left on its own. Enter your salon with air-dried hair. Your stylist can cut your hair while it is dry to determine exactly how your hair will fall once left to dry on its own. It’s the best way to see what your hair will look like when it dries naturally.

The right products

People have multiple textures in their hair, which calls for multiple products from different lines. Don’t go symmetric with the same brand. Mix and match and find what works with your hair texture. If you have curly hair, this is especially important as your curls grow in many different directions with many different textures. You have to use products to treat all the different textures that make up your curly hair.

Add more volume

For those of you with straight hair, try the trusty bun trick. While hair is damp, work in a texturizing product and twist hair into a few high knots while it dries. For those with stick-straight hair, you may need to cheat and blow dry roots to build body, then let the rest air-dry.

Revive texture the next day

If you don’t want to use heat but need to do something to revive your hair the next day, try this tip. Rewet hair using a spray bottle then work a leave-in conditioner while twisting random sections. This defines the naturally occurring texture. Next, sit in front of an oscillating fan for about fifteen minutes. This speeds up the air drying process.

When you have no time

When its cold out and your hair is wet, dry with a microfiber towel, pull the front sections of hair forward at the root, then loop the ends loosely behind your ears. Put on a loose-knit cap and leave your ends free. When you get to where you are going, take the cap off and shake your hair loose.

Using these simple tricks will give you hassle free, hot styling tool free hair that will actually leave you with healthier hair. Finding the right cut and products is key in cutting yourself loose of the hot styling tools and getting your hair to air dry and look great. Let the experts at Legends Salon of Hillsborough show you how it’s done.

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