Grooming Tips For Men

Men count too! Big grooming trends you need to know about


When it comes to men’s haircuts and grooming, currently the trends are all about freshening up, blowing out the cobwebs and looking for the very best version of yourself. There is something for everyone and your hair salon has all the secrets.

The return of the mustache

The big news in facial hair is that the beard is going by the wayside. Now is the age of the clean-shaven chin. The good news if you are a fan of facial hair is that the mustache is returning. On the right face, a mustache can add balance and create a pleasing aesthetic counterpoint to the eyebrows. Even more, a mustache can work wonders at softening more dominant jawlines.

Razor subscriptions

If you are shaving your face on a regular basis, you want a fresh razor every time to reduce shaving rash or nicks. This is the generation of razor subscription services. Some services worth checking out include Dollar Shave Club, Gillette’s Shave Club and Harry’s.

Length of hair

If you’re not getting a buzz cut, you should be growing your hair out. Just be sure to keep your hair in good condition and to have it trimmed regularly. Scruffy, bed head hair is definitely not the look you want to be going for if your hair is long.

Buzz cuts

The key to getting a buzz cut right is to get better acquainted with your head shape. If you are a little long in the jaw the style probably won’t suit you as it works best on square and round heads. Many men buzz their hair for different reasons. Some may be losing their hair; others just like the feel of a clean-shaven head. Whatever your reason is, ask your hairstylist for their honest opinion before you shave it off. And for best results, have your hairstylist do it for you.


Go for a proper consultation with a qualified dermatologist. The benefit of this is that they will cut through the grooming nonsense, provide you with accurate facts about your skin and suggest corrective treatments that will actually work.

Tanning (yes tanning)

This year looking sun-kissed is all about subtlety and safely. So forget the tanning beds and going to the beach, there’s a new generation of tanning products which are designed to give you a subtle glow like you’ve spent an afternoon in the fields or after you’ve had a light jog.

Sheet masks

Sheet masks may make you look funny for a moment but they are quite possibly the most effective tools in your grooming arsenal. The product that is embedded into each sheet is allowed to seep slowly into the skin over a ten to fifteen minute period and is prevented from drying on the skin due to limited exposure to air. Try a mask and see what it can do for your skin.

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