Hair Accessories & Extensions For Your Hair

Dress up your hair


There are many ways to dress up your hair and put your best face forward. One way to do this is by using hair accessories and making sure your hair is the healthiest it can be. For those of us with shorter hair, sometimes we want the look of luscious, long hair. Instead of waiting months and even years to get those long locks, hair extensions can become your new best friend! Many hair salons know the best way to give you longer length without damaging your existing hair.

At Legends Salon of Hillsborough, we are experienced in beautifying your hair and giving you the look you desire. We are experts in cutting and styling hair but when you want fuller, longer tresses we can help with that too! Those with shorter hair shouldn’t have to miss out on all the latest hair accessories this season!

Now that your beautiful hair extensions are in place, have some fun with them. When done right by a professional, your new extensions can withstand a lot and that includes fun styles using accessories.

Sleek, low pony

Fake a blowout by spritzing unwashed hair with an oil for shine, followed by a thickening spray for volume. Next, do a few brushes with a paddle brush. Secure hair at the nape of your neck with a clear elastic, and spray with hairspray. Fold a ribbon in half over the base of your ponytail so each end is an equal length. Wrap both tightly around your hair. Tie off with a bow.

Twirled back curls

For those with curly extensions, using a curl defining gel, twist damp hair into small sections and blow-dry on low with a diffuser to keep curls smooth. Take two sections of hair, one from above each temple, and twist to the back of your head. Secure hair with a large clip. If you have extra thick or heavy curls, secure your twists with a hair tie before clipping them back.

Messy bun, neat bow

Part damp hair in the middle and blow-dry while using a texturizing spray, working your fingers through as you go, to create soft waves. Pull hair into a low ponytail, and then double it up into a loose knot. Leave your ends free. Spray hair all over with a flexible hold hairspray for shine. Finish the look by clipping on an oversize fabric barrette.

There are many ways to create fun styles with your hair whether you have extensions or not. The most important rule for all hair is to keep it healthy. By exercising and eating right, you aren’t just taking care of your body; you are also taking care of your hair, skin, and nails. Using products that are made for your specific hair texture are also keys to managing beautiful and healthy hair. When you have healthy hair it shows. Finding a great hair salon in Hillsborough, such as Legends Salon, is your first step to maintaining hair you will love.

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