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Caring for hair extensions


Hair extensions were once reserved for movie sets and celebrities. Luckily, hair extensions are no longer just for the red carpet and you can easily achieve your own hair transformation with a little help from your own luscious locks. If you are thinking of adding some length to your look, make sure you are prepared for the upkeep to keep them healthy and natural and conducive to your own lifestyle. Work with your hair salon professional in Hillsborough, New Jersey to make sure you get the best out of your extensions.

When you leave the salon, your extensions will look flawless. You need to continue to keep them fresh by properly maintaining them once you get home. Here are a few tips.

Wash Gently

Avoid washing your hair with new extensions for 24 to 48 hours to let them adhere properly. Then use only sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo concentrating on the roots and condition only from the mid-lengths to the ends. Make sure your hair is 80% dry by patting it with a towel before using any heat styling tools. Make sure to keep your hot tools away from the keratin bonds of the extensions.

Deep Condition

Styling products and hot tools can take a toll on hair extensions. Deep condition once a month so strands look healthy and shiny. Using a hair mask from mid-shaft to tips, allowing it to penetrate for 20 minutes will give it an extra boost of moisture.

Proper products

The natural oils from our scalp help moisturize our own hair but since extensions are not attached to our scalp, they are more prone to dryness. Steer clear of alcohol-laden products because they will lift moisture out of the hair and make extensions look frazzled.


If you wash your hair at night, make sure to completely dry your hair before you go to bed. Keep permanent extensions from getting knotted and tangled by loosely braiding strands prior to going to bed. It will be tangle free in the morning and you wake up with perfect, soft waves.

Proper removal

If you have permanent extensions do not consider taking them out on your own. Head to your hair salon for professional removal to prevent any damage to your natural strands.

If you have just gotten hair extensions or are thinking about getting them, understand how to care for them before you go any further. Talk to your hair salon professional about your lifestyle. This will help him or her understand how extensions will hold up in your hair. For example, if you are athletic and always moving and sweating, the length or volume of your extensions will be very important. Hair extensions are an investment and you need to care for them properly. Remember, hair extensions aren’t just about making you look good, they are about making you feel good too. Make sure you know how to treat them so that you can protect your investment.

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