Hair Extensions in Hillsborough

An expert guide to hair extensions

One super hot trend these days in hair is extensions. Hair extensions are everywhere although you may not even know it. Today’s hair extensions are done so perfectly that you can’t tell where someone’s hair ends and where their extensions begin. One major reason hair extensions can look so good is the stylist behind putting them into your hair in the first place. Finding the right hair stylist is key to getting beautiful locks.

Choosing the right stylist to help you achieve your ideal length is essential if you want the final look to truly blend with your natural hair. Find a stylist by asking what methods of hair extensions they are trained in and discuss your lifestyle to distinguish what type of extensions will be best suited for your desired look. You also have to ask yourself how dedicated you will be to keep up with your extensions once they are in.

Whether you are looking for a temporary length fix or a long-term commitment, your hair’s texture comes into play in what method of extensions your stylist will recommend. Three popular methods of extensions include clip-ins, which are the non-committal option, tape-ins which are connected by clamping your own hair between wide bonds and keratin-bonded which fuses the extension to your hair with keratin bonds using a little heat tool or ultrasound technology. At Legends Salon of Hillsborough, we use the fusion method for extensions and here is why.

At Legends Salon we believe you can achieve instant gratification and finally be able to acquire the look that you have always wanted in spite of the texture, length or density of your hair. Now you are able to have long luxurious hair in a matter of hours instead of months or years. You can have the thick hair you have always longed for whether long or short.

Extensions are not just for adding length, but also for adding fullness or even color to the hair. They are a miracle for thin hair and are not just for women anymore. They can add a statement or personality to a style with just a few strands. They are also an answer to a prayer for cancer patients who have lost their hair to treatments and can now have extensions after their hair grows out a few inches instead of wearing a wig or scarf. With extensions, you can go swimming, Jacuzzi, shower and many other activities without anyone ever knowing that you are wearing extensions.

LaBella Extensions are 100% First Choice Remy Human Hair which is European textured and non-tangling. The pre-bonded hair makes it so simple to apply and the bond is made of a keratin protein so there is no wax or glue. There is no damage done to your own hair and it is virtually undetectable and very easy to maintain.

These are our choice for extensions at Legends Salon. Talk to one of our experienced hair stylists today and let us show you the hair you’ve been missing all this time.

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    * Please note this does not schedule your appointment. We will verify through email or phone call the actual appointment dates & times that are available.

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