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Hair salon etiquette: tips for the dos and don’ts when visiting your hair salon


When it comes to proper etiquette in your local hair salon, we may all be a little stumped on how to act when we visit a salon. In this age, there are some rules you should follow and certain ways you should behave when you visit a hair salon. Why? Because it’s common courtesy to your stylist and other clients to behave and be respectful of others.

Arrive on time

Like any appointment, give yourself a five-minute leeway before your scheduled time. If you are running late, give the salon a call so that they are aware. When your stylist isn’t racing against the clock, he or she won’t stress about rushing your appointment or upsetting her next client.

Cell Phone Usage

If you can manage to put down the cell phone while you eat, drive and during business meetings, you can put it down while in the salon chair. If your head is focused on your phone screen, don’t expect to have an even trim when you look in the mirror. It’s also polite to focus on the person doing your hair, rather than the one on your screen.

Be sure to communicate

At every visit to your stylist, update them about any new hair products you are using or any dilemmas you may be having. This will give them an idea of what treatment is best to keep your hair healthy and glowing.

Trust them

Your stylist has had plenty of experience and training in perfecting their skills so just sit back, relax and trust them. It can be very annoying to a stylist if you are questioning their method, product choice and every snip they make.

Chit chat

You don’t have to become best friends with your stylist but it is a good idea to try and build a relationship with your stylist, especially if you plan on returning in the future. Just remember, the client next to you can hear your conversation so filter out loud chatter, gossip or anything super personal.

Tipping 101

No matter how expensive your hair treatment, it is also considerate to tip your stylist. A general range to tip is 15% to 20% of the fixed price. If you are more impressed, add on a little extra.

If you hate it

Don’t panic if you hate your hair, it will grow back. After taking a moment, or maybe even a few days to adjust to your new look, call the salon and explain your dissatisfaction, but do it nicely. Always ask to speak to your stylist so they can directly understand what went wrong.

If you can’t make it

The worst thing you can do to the salon is be a no-show. It is absolutely rude and disrespectful. I an emergency happens, call as soon as you can and apologize but normally if you can’t make it, give them 24 hours.

These are answers to a few of the nuances of modern salon etiquette. We hope the next time you visit your local hair salon that you take them into consideration. Your stylist is providing a service to perhaps your best feature, your hair. That warrants a respectful and grateful visit.

Visit the stylists at Legends Hair and have fun while you are here!

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    * Please note this does not schedule your appointment. We will verify through email or phone call the actual appointment dates & times that are available.

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