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Just like the phrase “Mom-jeans”, there is also such a thing as “Mom-hair.” You know that look.  The longer in back, slightly–shorter-in-front bob that should read sleek but somehow missed its mark. It is not flattering or necessary. Just because you are a Mom, you don’t have to cut all your hair off for convenience. In fact, short hair is sometimes harder to maintain than longer hair and that ridiculous Mom-do is the hardest of them all. You can ask any hair salon in Somerset County and they will tell you the same thing. Not all short cuts are bad, however, but if you are used to your long locks, keep them. Just learn how to maintain them when you become a mom.

So how do you look great when you are dropping the kids of at school?

Who has time in the morning to look your best? The other moms are thinking the same thing. But there are some hairstyles that take five minutes or less and can be done before you head out the door in the morning. Keeping your hair on point is a true struggle for moms on-the-go. If you have 5 minutes, you can be carpool-ready when dropping the kiddos off.

These hairstyles are perfect for a busy mom on the go…

The Mermaid Braid

Braid two ponytails on the side of your head. Connect with elastic. Fan out braids with a technique called smudging which creates an unkempt look of sorts. Smudging is created by rolling hair between your fingers. Combine two braids together for an instant fishtail braid. Go a step further and put them in a bun held together by bobby pins.

Headband Look

Tie a headband or scarf around your head. Wrap your hair around the scarf by pulling the hair up and tucking into the headband. This is an instant updo without using any pins to keep in place.

High fashion bun (Top Knots)

Put hair into a high ponytail on top of your head with an elastic band. Divide into two sections. Twist each piece and wrap it around the ponytail band. Secure it with bobby pins.

It’s nice to have your hair up and away from your face so the little ones aren’t tugging on those locks. The last thing you have to do is think about yourself so these easy looks can be done before you drop your kids off in the drop off lane. You can maintain your long hair with regular trims and really good hair products that work for your texture. Still not feeling your long hair suits you anymore? Try some sleek bangs to keep your hair from falling in your face. Not all bobs are out either. If you want short hair, talk to your hair stylist and tell them what’s going on. They can talk to you about the right short cuts that frame and flatter your face.

If you are a mom on the go, try our fun tricks to keep your hair up and stylish. If you are still considering a drastic cut, talk to the experts at Legends Salon, your choice for a hair salon in Somerset County. They will work with you on the right cut for you.

Reach out to Legends today and book your consultation with one of our experience hair stylists.

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