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Why is our hair stylist like our therapist?


Did you ever notice when you go to the salon to get your hair done, the second you sit in your hair stylist’s chair you start spewing out every aspect of your life? We have a tendency to treat our hair salon like it’s a therapy session and our hair stylist the therapist. When you sit in a chair at Legends Hair Salon in Hillsborough, we won’t pass any judgments but you may want to use your therapy, um hair, time with a little discretion.

Most women spend so much time looking for the right stylist that when we find him or her we instantly have a connection and we trust them. If we trust them with our hair, why not with our secrets?  Finding someone we trust with our hair is epic. It’s no wonder we feel the need to talk to them like our best friend.

Most stylists will tell you that they don’t mind acting as the shrink. It is much better than cutting or coloring hair in silence. For a stylist it’s a chance to air some of their dirty laundry too. If you are willing to listen, they are willing to talk. However, if they start complaining about a coworker or the client they just had, that is crossing the line. It’s all give and take in this client/stylist relationship and respecting boundaries is important.

Just what is too much talk, though? Gossiping about your neighbor or friend that they don’t know is perfectly fine. Telling them that you think your husband is having an affair with his secretary is not. As much as your stylist wants to get to know you, some things should still remain private. They aren’t actually therapists and certainly don’t want to try and give you advice on something so personal. It could get uncomfortable for both of you.

If you want to share photos of your children or talk about their accomplishments, go for it. They would love to see them. But, if you spend too much time showing video from Sally’s dance recital he or she may not have enough time to get your hair done the way you want it so be mindful. Keep the conversation light and happy and keep it brief. Talk in doses so that your stylist can stay focused on what you came there for, your hair.

We love to develop relationships with people we spend time with, friend or not. It’s important for your stylist to get to know you and your personality so they can give your hair the best treatment. You get to know your doctor so they can understand your body from a health aspect. Getting to know your hair stylist should be important too.

Your hair salon is a place for you to go and escape your life for a while with no judgments.  When you come to Legends Hair Salon in Hillsborough, we want you to feel comfortable with us so we encourage forming relationships with our staff. Become one of the family so that your hair stylist can treat your hair that fits your personality. But save the deep drama for your actual therapist!

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    * Please note this does not schedule your appointment. We will verify through email or phone call the actual appointment dates & times that are available.

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