Hair Trends for 2019

Hair trends for 2019


If you’ve been thinking of changing up your look this year, we’ve got a great bunch of choices here. Legends Salon of Hillsborough is going to tell you about the 2019 top hair trends. Visit your favorite hair salon and let us show you how you can achieve these looks for your own hair.

A lot of people have the same look, many with the same hairstyle forever. People get stuck in a rut but you can mix it up and change it up without being too drastic. These trends are a great way to stay up to date without fully committing to anything too drastic.

Big hair is back!

If you have full, curly hair, consider yourself lucky because big hair is back! Embracing your natural texture is what it’s all about. If you don’t have naturally curly hair try a hair curling machine that actually does the work for you! It creates natural curls with just the press of a button! If you have thick, textured hair it’s easy to get it big and bold. Play with different products and find what works for your hair texture.

Silver Hair

Gray is the new platinum believe it or not! Icy platinum blonde is actually a silver look. Ash blonde is what it’s called and it is everywhere! If you are naturally silver these days, stop dying it and start embracing it! It’s a beautiful look at any age. If you intentionally dye it gray, use protectant when dying hair to prevent damage.

Futuristic cuts

Blunt bobs with a twist! Creating a blunt bob on an angle and allowing a side swept look of longer hair gives your hair a great new look without too much cut. If you already have a bob, this is an easy look to achieve and can be easily grown out if you get tired of it.

Luxe Hair

Luxury hair is a great look. Using Velcro rollers (yes the old fashioned kind) will give your hair a lot of texture and bounce. Luxurious hair is not overdone hair it is just gorgeous, sexy hair. Not everyone has it though so to create this look, think hairpieces! Use a hairpiece to increase volume. If you have curly hair and want to create luxe hair, don’t be afraid to brush out your curls. Your curly hair will be right there waiting for you when you wash it again!

Lots of layers

2019 is all about bangs. Everyone wants to play with bangs but not everyone wants to keep bangs. The secret? Use clip-on bangs if you can’t commit to the cut. They are affordable and easy to put in your hair. Tired of bangs? Remove them in a snap!

Some of the top hair trends of 2019 are about easy-to-achieve looks that don’t require a lot of commitment. If you are tired of your look and want to switch it up, consider one of these trending ideas or talk to your hair salon about creating something specific to your personality.

Talk to an expert hairstylist at Legends Salon of Hillsborough today and get a new look in 2019!

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