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Change your life by changing your cut


Whether you just went through a bad break up, have had health issues or are just looking for a change, one of the best ways to mix things up without going absolutely nuts is to cut your hair. It may seem like a drastic idea to you but hair will grow back and exploring a new cut may be just the thing the doctor ordered. Consult with the hair salon experts at Legends Salon of Hillsborough to find the perfect cut for your face but also find a little inspiration with the newest trends.


Face-framing tendrils are the perfect way to cut your hair in a subtle way but having a dramatic impact in the process. If you have long hair with no layers, try adding some to give your hair a little volume and texture. Pay special attention to layers around your face. Allow them to actually frame your face. This can highlight your facial features and make eyes brighter and lips fuller. When you want a different look, simply tie the tendrils back for a slick, bold look.

Crop it

Another dramatic change to your cut would be a cool crop. Cropping your hair and shaping it on an angle just above your collarbone can create a dramatic and fun look for you whether your hair is straight or curly. Keeping your hair one layer and cutting either straight across or at an angle at the ends achieve this look. Keep your part in the middle and for a quick change up, part it to one side and add a barrette or clip.

Lash skimming bangs

Bangs are still a hot trend and if you have hair all one length this can seem like a very dramatic change. It is! But it doesn’t have to cause you to go into shock. Tired of wearing bangs after you’ve had them awhile? Let them grow a bit and push them back into your longer hair parts. The look in bangs right now is bangs that skim your eyelash line. Not too long but definitely not too short.

Chop, chop, chop

One of the boldest and riskiest hair trends out there is to buzz it all off. Actresses like Kristen Stewart are getting rid of all their hair and leaving it buzzed and cropped. Even if you aren’t prepping for a movie role, this trend is very in style among the Hollywood elite and as drastic as it may seem, it may just the boost that your tired, over-processed hair needs. Consider this look if you are a risk taker and aren’t particularly attached to your hair. It will grow back stronger and healthier.

Hair trends come and go but the great thing about hair is that it all grows back eventually. If you aren’t happy with a new cut, don’t be afraid to tell your stylist. Chances are unless you’ve buzzed it all off, you can find a solution to fix your unhappiness. At Legends Salon of Hillsborough, we are your number one choice for a hair salon.

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