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The best haircut for every face shape


While it is very true that the best hair stylists can give you any cut you want and having the confidence to wear it is all you really need to pull off any haircut, it’s pretty important to understand your face shape too. We think you should get whatever haircut you want, whenever you want, but there’s nothing wrong with consulting your face shape before deciding on a look.

This approach will draw attention to your facial features. Below are the best short, medium and long haircuts for every face shape. Take a look to see what may look good on you before you head to the salon.

Round face, short

A gamine with spiky layers sliced all around the crown. If you are going to go short, go short all the way, like Ginnifer Goodwin. The choppy pieces of this cut up top add height, lengthen your face and emphasize your eyes.

Round face, medium length

Show off your features with a choppy, layered bob like Charlize Theron. Short hair is particularly flattering on those with a round face shape.

Round face, long

Long, barely there layers that hit the jawline. Staggered layers are an easy way to make your hair seem fuller. A scattering of light layers on the bottom keeps volume away from the sides and focuses it near the ends. Long layers also bring attention to the dimension in your hair color and can prevent fine hair from appearing stringy.

Heart face, short

A pixie that’s clipped evenly on the sides and nape of the neck with short layers on top. Think of Halle Berry’s tousled, choppy cut, which balances out the jawline.

Heart face, medium length

A collarbone length crop with sweeping bangs and uniform layers. Reese Witherspoon’s shoulder-skimming layers draw your eyes away from the chin area and add balance.

Heart face, long

Longer layers or fringe, think Taylor Swift. You want to add layers that break at the cheekbone and the chin to bring some of the attention to that area. Any hair texture can pull off this look.

Long/oval face, short

A blunt bob with minimal, subtle layers. This face shape is the easiest to carry off of any kind of haircut so go for a strong lob with a little bit of face-framing, like Rihanna.

Oval/long, medium length

A sleek blowout that hits at the shoulder. These layers may look uniform but the difference is there and the subtle variations in length keep your hair from lying flat and against your head.

Long/oval face, long

Long strands paired with a retro texture and sweeping fringe look good on this face type.

Square face, short

A short layered bob with subtle bangs like Cameron Diaz’s cut. It brings the focus higher and puts the emphasis on your cheekbones, rather than your jaw.

Square face, medium length

Light shoulder-length layers all around that start a few inches above the ends with sweeping bangs. Feathery layers flatter a strong chin.

Square face, long

Collarbone-skimming strands with slight bangs that hit at the cheekbone.

Knowing your own face shape will help you get the best cut for your face and accentuate your best facial features. If you are still in doubt about your face shape, ask your stylist and then talk to them about the look you are trying to achieve. There is a cut for everyone, talk to your stylist to find your best one.

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    * Please note this does not schedule your appointment. We will verify through email or phone call the actual appointment dates & times that are available.

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