Hairstyles for Mom

Pampering treats for Mom

Hairstyles for Mom

Mother’s day luxury treatments at Legends Salon of Hillsborough are just what Mom needs. Mother’s Day is a time to appreciate how lucky you are to have a mom like yours. We are all guilty of not saying thank you often enough so now is the perfect opportunity to treat mom. Show her how much you care with a pampering mother’s day treat with hair and beauty treatments.

At Legends Salon of Hillsborough, we offer a wide range of hair services. If Mom’s hair is in need of some TLC our team of expert hair stylists can advise her on the best deep conditioning hair treatments for her hair type. If she’s looking to switch it up a bit and change her style or color, we can help with that as well. Here are a few she may be interested in.


Olaplex is going to make your hair stronger, healthier, and your color will last longer.
Olaplex does not interfere with color processing. It works independently to reform broken bonds that are not reforming properly with peroxide. It’s simple to use and completely safe. This process is sure to give mom some new superpowers!

Scalp treatment

Scalp Renew is a natural dermabrasion treatment from Nioxin which is an anti-aging treatment that utilizes natural dermabrasion technology to restore scalp and hair health. Immediate results are seen as follicle sites are opened and there is increased cellular turnover. Progressive results over time add density and strength to hair and increased collagen production.

Hair straightening

At Legends Salon we specialize in Hair Extensions and Japanese Thermal Straightening. Our talented staff has the training, knowledge, and skills to transform your appearance with top of the line products, including hair straightening treatments that are sure to make mom looks years younger.

We offer many more hair treatments including color, cuts and if mom wants to kick it up a notch, hair extensions or perms can be the focus of her visit as well. Legends Salon offers more than just hair care. We have experts who can help with makeup application and we also offer waxing services. If Mom loves to be pampered, we promise she will get it here. It’s time for mom to let her inner beauty shine through and we can help get her started by sprucing up the outside.

Each year you make it your goal to surprise your lovely mother with an unexpected mother’s day gift so why not surprise her by booking her next hairdressing service or beauty appointment? She will receive a warm welcome from our friendly and professional team who will take extra special care and make her feel special. After all, isn’t that what Mom deserves?

If you’re ready to experience a full-on pamper session for yourself and your Mom call us to book an appointment Legends Salon of Hillsborough and show mom how much you care.

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    * Please note this does not schedule your appointment. We will verify through email or phone call the actual appointment dates & times that are available.

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