Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day in Hillsborough

Hairstyles for Valentine’s!


Valentine’s day is quickly approaching. You either love the day or think it’s a holiday made up by Hallmark to sell cards. For those hopeless romantics, February 14th is your favorite day of the whole year! If you love celebrating it like we do, your hair stylist at Legends Salon of Hillsborough is ready to add some fun to your special day!

Whether you are staying home with your sweetheart or spending a night on the town, make sure your hair is in top form. For longer length hair, there are so many styles that can be created quickly that can have a huge impact on your look. Below are some hairstyles that you should be rocking this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine braid bow

Pull hair into three sections. Take the middle section and secure into a low ponytail. With each of the remaining sections, make a braid. Pull the two braided sections together and tie into a bow. Secure with pins. You will look all business in the front. Turn around and it’s nothing but a Valentine’s party in the back!

A little pink

Why not color your hair pink for the occasion? A little pink hair is sure to make a statement. If you aren’t in love with the idea of permanent color, use a temporary color that washes out and have some fun! Nothing speaks Valentine’s Day than a little soft pink for the occasion.

High pony

There is nothing sexier than a high ponytail. Simply pull hair together into a high ponytail and secure. For those with longer hair, the look of a high pony just reeks sexiness. Let him see your neck ladies!

Classic updo

Everyone loves an updo! They are timeless and can be sexy, sweet and romantic all at the same time. Updos aren’t just for long hair either. Anyone can create some sort of an updo with their hair.

Low bun

Securing a low bun to the nape of your neck is soft and pretty and extremely romantic! Why not pull your hair away from your neck and expose a little skin for your Valentine? We think they will love it!

Princess braid

French braids are all the rage for Valentine’s Day! Create a French braid on either side of your head. Take the ends and twist them into a bun to the nape of your neck. What is more romantic really than a French braid?

All of these styles can be created effortlessly whether you have long hair or not. If you want to add some length, texture, and volume to your existing hair, let the experts at Legends Salon of Hillsborough give you the hair you always wanted! We can add amazing results to your hair through hair extensions. Hair extensions are semi-permanent, easy to apply and less expensive than you think. Talk to your hairstylist at Legends today and let us help create the most amazing hair for you.

Hair extensions at Legends Salon of Hillsborough will make all of your hair dreams come true!

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