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When it comes to damaged hair, your hair stylist in Hillsborough has seen and done it all. Of course, they know how to fix hair that has come to them that is over-processed, over-styled or otherwise just a mess. When you hit the salon, your stylist does all the right things to get your hair in tip-top shape until your next visit. What can you do in the meantime so that your hair remains healthy and beautiful in between those visits to the salon?

If you have dry hair that has been damaged by heating tools or over-processing, give your hair a moment to breathe. Don’t wash it every day and take a week off from using the flat iron or blow dryer. Try using a co-wash if you have thick coarse or curly hair, which will remove buildup from styling products without stripping your hair of any moisture. Avoid pulling it up into elastic bands while you are trying to reclaim your healthy hair as well. Sometimes pulling your hair up can cause breakage, which is what you are trying to avoid.

Beautiful hair obviously begins with healthy hair. Before you get your hair colored, talk to your hair stylist so that they can assess your scalp and hair to make sure it isn’t too damaged to process. If you are visiting a new salon, they may do a strand test to see what happens to your hair under influence of color. Once the color is in your hair, your hair stylist may use a protein treatment that will protect your hair while locking in your new color. While the products used to change hair texture and color has become gentler over the years, you can still end up with damaged hair. It’s important that you come up with a strategy with your stylist so that you aren’t administering too many processes that will ultimately damage your hair.

Another rule of thumb to protect your strands is to make sure that you don’t pull your hair back while it is still wet, which can cause hair to break. If you wear a bun or ponytail daily, put it up while it is dry. Air-dry as much as you can then use a hair dryer at the end to accrue less heat damage. Use a fabric-covered elastic, which won’t tug at your hair and put your bun or ponytail in different areas on your head so that you don’t ever create too much tension on one spot of your scalp.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you and your hair get back on the right track to beautiful and healthy. Visit your hair stylist in Hillsborough and talk to him or her about what else you can be doing to get your hair back on track. At Legends Salon, we have seen it all. And we have fixed it all. We understand the importance of having good-looking hair but we also understand that it is much more important to have healthy hair.

Let us help get your hair back to healthy!

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