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Hair trends to look for in 2017 from Legends Salon in NJ!


In hair news, it looks like 2017 is poised to be the year of natural looking hair. This is excellent news for over-sleepers everywhere! Fashion is all over the place so far this year and hair should balance that by being more subdued, natural and softer in both texture and color. Hair salon stylists everywhere predict plenty of dark shades of brown that are easy to maintain and rooty blonde hues that are low maintenance. Legends Salon in Hillsborough, NJ promises to keep you trendy!


Not quite bombshell blonde and not quite rich brunette, bronde is the happy medium hair color that compliments many complexions. The actual shade lives up to its hybrid name. Bronde color hair is in between brown and blonde. It fuses the two colors creating a very tame end result. It is a universally flattering color because hair stylists can adjust the tone to warm or cool depending on skin tone and you still get the bronde effect.

Ultra dark brown

Dark brown hair is the best hue to take your brunette (or blonde) tresses to a whole new level. This color is warm and has depth and glossiness. It brings out a lot of shine in the hair. It is not black but dark, dark brown. It is easy to maintain and fits most complexions. A lot of blondes are going with ultra dark brown to change up their look. It is drastic but without being over the top.

Full Curls

Tons of celebrities chose to go natural in 2016 and the trend shows no sign of slowing down into 2017. Natural curls are a gift that most women don’t think about. Instead of spending countless hours straightening and damaging hair, the curly look is back to give those with wavy tresses a break on the harsh heat and chemicals that go into straightening your hair.

Messy medium length

Shorter loose or natural waves will make their mark in 2017. It is a super chic look and feels fresh. It doesn’t require a whole lot of effort if your hair is wavy when you get up in the morning.

Long with blunt bangs

This style requires a lot texture. It should have a natural quality to it, with a natural wave. If your hair isn’t wavy try scrunching it with product to lift it up. It is a low maintenance style but does require the right hair texture to pull it off.

Deep side part

This works on any style but the deep side part is being paired with shorter lengths. You can smooth it a little but the less structured the better with this style. You want to let your hair do its thing but you want to tame the part so that this look is effective and then hold it into place with product.

Hair trends come and go and you should find a style that compliments you and makes you feel good. At Legends Salon in Hillsborough, we understand how important your hair is to you. When you walk into our hair salon in Somerset County you will immediately feel welcomed and relaxed.

Your hair is in good hands with us.

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