Know Your Hair Stylist in Hillsborough

A few things your hairstylist wants you to know


Going to the hair salon should be an enjoyable experience. Not just for you but for the person who gets to style your hair. This is their chosen career and they love what they do. It makes their lives a lot easier, however, if you knew a few simple things about your hair.

These hints will make your salon visit significantly less confusing for you, give you realistic expectations and help you to not drive your stylist crazy.

If you want your hair to grow, you need to get it trimmed often

Most people think, if you leave your hair alone, it will just keep growing. The truth is that when your ends split, they will split up the hair strand until that hair breaks or falls out. The more hairs that do this, the thinner the bottom of your hair will look. If you get a trim (a quarter to a half inch) to remove the split ends and keep them from splitting up, you will maintain and keep the hair you have longer. This will enable you to have longer, healthier hair.

We aren’t using expensive products to get you to spend money

Hair stylists don’t change your hair texture, density or curl pattern when they style it. They manipulate your hair with products. The reason your hair feels so much better after your salon visit is because of the products they use. Yes, that $35 heat-protecting, smoothing spray is what’s doing the work. The reason you can’t get your hair to look as good as it does after the salon is because you are going home and using Suave shampoo. It’s a great cleansing shampoo, but it won’t make your hair look like it does after the salon. This is because of chemistry. When developing hair products, the most qualified chemists are working in the labs to create the best hair care out there. Understand what ingredients are going into your hair products, talk to your stylist about them and make the best decisions for your hair.

You are not Jennifer Lopez

You will never look like Jennifer Lopez or have her hair because you are not her and just because you bring in a picture of her, it does not mean your hair will be identical. You don’t have the same hair as her and you aren’t going to the same stylist as her nor do you have your hair professionally handled on a daily basis. Pictures are great and hair stylists love them. They will do their best to get as close to the picture as they can but they will make modifications that will make it better for you. Please have realistic expectations this way you won’t be disappointed or get mad at your stylist because you don’t have J.Lo locks.

We hope these few tips help you and your hair stylist.   Most stylists are happy people who are excited to make you feel your best. So help them to help you. At Legends Salon of Hillsborough, we want you to have a better understanding of how to best care for your hair, understand how hairstyling works and most of all to help you get the healthiest hair.

Visit our salon today and put your best hair forward.

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    * Please note this does not schedule your appointment. We will verify through email or phone call the actual appointment dates & times that are available.

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