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The future of hair: emerging trends to look out for


As the global haircare market is estimated to be worth some $74 billion in 2018, we can expect to see a real shake-up and plenty of innovation within the industry. Hair care brands are adapting their offerings to suit the needs of the consumer, from tech-driven products and services through to more tailored solutions for individual hair types.

From the beauty team at Legends Salon of Hillsborough, here are three emerging trends to watch out for in this new year.

Hair goes techy

Hair brands will be using more advanced digital technology, both online and in salons, to provide consumers with better-personalized products and playful services.

From technology that assists consumers in finding the right product and service to digital beauty bloggers to a new app that allows users to test out an array of hair colors on a selfie, the tech age is here and it isn’t going anywhere.

Skincare for hair

Korean beauty trends continue to influence the cosmetics industry globally, with the multi-step regime now set to enter the hair care category. Given the amount of time we spend on skincare, our hair and scalp are neglected by comparison. The range includes a hair moisturizer infused with nourishing prickly pear to care for the hair and scalp, designed to use on a daily basis, in the same way as a facial moisturizer.

Treating hair loss

Hair care products that treat hair loss are set to see improved formulations emerging in the coming years, thanks to new ingredients and technology. Gadgets that target thinning hair will gain traction, as consumers look for non-surgical procedures and at-home products to promote growth.

From techy hair to fighting hair loss, there is definitely a twist to how we are handling hair care these days. As trends emerge, so is the need for new and improved ways we take care of our hair and solve our hair problems. If you are one of many who is always seeking better hair care products or searching for that perfect color, there are ways to achieve beautiful hair as these trends emerge.

Visiting your local hair salon can help you gain an understanding of what your hair needs and what you can do to solve its problems. As new trends are always emerging and improving the hair care industry, there will always be ways for you to get the perfect hair you are striving for.

At Legends Salon of Hillsborough, we follow trends and keep our customers informed of any worthwhile new creations that will help your hair and help make life easier for you. When you are looking for the perfect cut and/or color, let us show you how we can create the perfect hair for you.

Visit Legends Salon of Hillsborough today and speak with one of our expert hair stylists. Good hair doesn’t have to be hard to find, you just need the right teachers.

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