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Millennial Men and their hair obsession


Women aren’t the only ones looking for a good hair day. Men strive to make the best look of their tresses as well. Men in their 20s and 30s brought back the beard. They apply a daily moisturizer and now are obsessing over their hair. They use grooming products as much as women use them. Young men visit the hair salon just as much as women do and have services done such as hair coloring and careful styling to suit their style and lifestyle.

Young men are more fashion forward than previous generations. They tend to go for longer locks with plenty of product. They invented the “man bun.” Not that this is necessarily the best look; it still is, in fact, a current trend among millennial men. Regardless of how you feel about this trendy look, men are taking care of themselves and how they look than in previous generations.

Men’s shampoos, conditioners, styling gel, creams, and waxes are becoming more abundant and more and more men are jumping on the bandwagon of having products geared just toward them. Instead of having to use female products, they are buying their own products that suit their needs and styles.

Men like their products but they don’t want a routine that takes too much time and they don’t want to look like they are trying too hard. They will go to a hair salon so that they can learn what to do with their hair and how to use their products and they aren’t afraid to admit they do it. Millennial men are comfortable in their skin and they know what they want and how to achieve it. No wonder they are taking more care with their hair!

When a man goes to visit his hair stylist, they are confident that their hair care professional is providing trusted product recommendations so that they don’t have to do the homework themselves. It is critical for a hair stylist to understand men’s products and be ready to make a recommendation. Although hipster barber shops are a trendy business, many men still rely on traditional female-focused salons. This is because services such as hair coloring are better left to someone who is an expert in this field. Hair salons are also more likely to be up to date with the best products for men’s hair.

The millennial man is a whole new breed. They are still manly but they are recognizing ways to take care of themselves better. This is why they are more apt to take care of their tresses and be current on the latest hair trends. Today’s young man knows what he wants in life and he knows how to get it. If you are a young man and want to stay on trend with the latest cuts and styles for men, just visit your local salon. The men and women who style hair know what you are looking for and know how to help you achieve it.

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    * Please note this does not schedule your appointment. We will verify through email or phone call the actual appointment dates & times that are available.

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