Questions to Ask Your Stylist About Hair Extensions

Ask your stylist about hair extensions


One of the hottest trends in hair right now is hair extensions. Some of the most amazing hair experts can take your average hair and turn it into something fresh and new and fantastic. Hair extensions have the ability to change lives and if you think we’re exaggerating, clearly you haven’t tried them before. Your hair salon in Southampton wants you to know just how wonderful hair extensions are.

Many of us are blessed to have strong, thick beautiful hair. For the rest of us, we have to endure the thin, limp hair we have been given. We say, no more! If there are ways to tame unruly, thick hair, there are ways to tame the limp. Through the beauty of hair extensions, you can get a look you never imagined possible. Find a great, reputable expert to talk to and decide if hair extensions are right for you. Before you head to your appointment, however, make sure you are armed with the right questions.

Will extensions damage my hair?

As long as the extensions are applied properly by a licensed professional, you shouldn’t experience any damage at all. You also need to understand how healthy your hair is as well. An expert will ascertain whether or not you are a good candidate for extensions before they even begin.

Can I exercise with extensions?

Yes! Extensions are extremely flexible and conform to your lifestyle just like your own hair. Depending on the method you use, you may need to wait a couple days after the application to wet the hair or sweat but your hair expert will give you those rules.

Are hair extensions real hair?

Most hair extensions are made from real hair. If the extensions are being fused into your own hair, they should be real. Typically, hair for extensions comes from Russia, India, and China.

Will anyone be able to tell I have extensions?

No, as long as the hair is high quality and the stylist applies the extensions properly no one will be able to tell. Except, maybe the people who see you every day when you go from shorter less full hair to longer, fuller hair!

What is the best method for me?

Choosing the right hair extension method depends on your lifestyle, hair type, and budget. Only you and your hair stylist can determine what is right for you. Research your options and know what you are looking at for each one before you decide.

What can I expect to pay?

The cost of hair extensions varies depending on the method, type of hair and the stylist’s application fees. Check out the hair extension methods online to get an idea of how much to budget for each method.

How long do extensions last?

Depending on the method, the hair can last anywhere between 6 months to a year with proper care and maintenance.

Having an answer to these questions will give you a better understanding of whether or not extensions are the answer for you. Visit Legends Salon of Hillsborough and speak to one of our hair extension experts. You will then have an understanding of what is right for your hair and your lifestyle.

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