Sexy Hairstyles For Spring

Spring is finally coming! See how to prepare your hair for it


Thanks to Pinterest we have so much information about the latest hair and makeup trends making waves on social media this spring. After 111 days into 2018, of what seems like the whole month of January, it’s finally time to start seeing Spring around here. Let’s hope it stays around long enough to see it before the hot summer weather shows up. Talk to your local hair salon in Hillsborough about the cool ways you can change your hair color and cut to get ready for spring. Here are some trendy hairstyles that going to be all the rage this spring.

Low side parts

It’s time to push your part even farther to the side with this latest hair trend. Instead of parting at your natural part, move it further to the side for a slick and different look. Celebrities like Amanda Seyfried and Jessica Alba are a couple of the stars who are locking into this trend.


Headbands are making a comeback and so are scrunchies, believe it or not. Accessorize your hairstyle with a fun new headband. Or throw it up with a tried and true friend like the scrunchie. There are so many stylish headbands out there and it doesn’t matter if you use a thin or thick one. The idea is to have fun with it and make a statement.

Short Bangs

If you are trying to think of a new spring cut, short bangs might be the answer. The wispy bang that hides your eyes is over. Now cutting your bangs shorter and letting your forehead be exposed is a fresh look on the bang. Bangs are cut blunt and are meant to be noticed. It’s a style and it lets your eyes shine.

Platinum blonde

Blondes are going to have more fun this spring. Pinterest is showing that users are searching for different ways to lighten their locks ala Marilyn Monroe style. Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence have tried it out. Will you be next? Going platinum blonde is a commitment so make sure you are ready for the task. And whatever you do, just make sure you have a professional help you out.

After most of the country has been buried by winter, we are finally starting to see signs of spring. The best way to welcome the new season is to brighten up our looks. The best way to do that is with hair. Find a style that might suit you and show your hairstylist. Together you can come up with a fresh, new style for spring that fits your look and your lifestyle. Listed above are just a few of the trends floating around Pinterest. You are bound to find one that fits you.

When you visit your local hair salon go with an open mind and enthusiasm for a new style. At Legends Salon of Hillsborough, we are ready for the new spring looks and we want to show you what we can do for your hair.

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