Silver Is The Hot New Trend In Hair

Tired of coloring the grays? Silver hair is the hot new trend


Is silver the new black? When it comes to your hair, it just may be. Many women are saying goodbye to dyeing their gray and embracing their natural silver hair color. The trend, however, with gray hair is becoming more and more popular with the younger generation and women are now intentionally dyeing their hair silver. The pros at many hair salons across the nations are seeing this trend more and more and are seeing no signs of it stopping anytime soon.

Gray hair has previously been associated with getting older and then silver hair dye came along. The thought of going gray is no longer something that freaks people out. Instead, many are dyeing their hair gray before it naturally turns that silver shade. In the past, men who wore their hair gray were considered distinguished while women who didn’t cover up their silver were just considered old. Times they are changing. Over the past few years, the gray hair trend has been picking up steam on the runway, Instagram and among many celebrities.

Some women are dyeing their entire head gray while some are embracing the “salt and pepper” look or using streaks of gray mixed with their natural hair color. Don’t be surprised to see women with the Cruella DeVille look as well. Gray seems to be all the rage in hair color and it doesn’t look like this trend is slowing down.

Gray hair, both dyed and natural, is more popular than ever before. You should keep a couple things in mind, however, before making an appointment with your stylist. First of all, plan on completely bleaching your hair to a platinum shade to achieve the best silver. Make sure your colorist uses a strong blue-purple pigmented toner afterward to get all the yellow out of your hair. Then you can actually start dyeing. Be sure to show your stylist the desired shade of gray you are looking for so they know what to whip up. Like some colors, gray dye doesn’t last for long. To maintain the color for as long as you possibly can, use a shampoo with a purple or blue hue and a conditioner designed for platinum or silver hair.

Arming yourself with the facts about gray hair is extremely important before you head to the salon. And knowing exactly what shade of gray you are looking for is key to get the right color. Of course, if your hair is graying naturally, talking to your stylist about maintaining that silver color is important also. Gray hair can start to look yellow if it isn’t taken care of, even natural gray. Knowing how to take care of your silver locks, natural or not, will help keep your hair looking great.

If you are deciding to go gray, talk to the experts at your local hair salon to get an idea if silver is the route for you. Talk to them about the process as well as maintenance. The experts at Legends Salon of Hillsborough can help you go silver all the way!

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