No Frizz – No Worries!

KERATIN TREATMENT THAT WILL LAST BEYOND THE SUMMER Our Keratin treatment is an easy wash 'n wear system that you never have to blow dry. Shower, towel dry & walk out! Simple! If you still want to dry your hair it's easy to blow out. Keratin treatments last 3 to 4 months. Schedule between now and the end of June and get a FREE ... More


Summer Hairstyles at Legends Salon in Hillsborough NJ!

Summer Hairstyles for 2017! Summer is almost here and with it comes familiar hair woes: frizziness, damage, split ends. In the summer it gets so hot and if you have long hair down your back it can drive you crazy. Even shorter hair needs to be pulled away from the face so we aren’t in a constant sweat.   That damage that is done ... More


Hair Tips From Hair Salon in Hillsborough

How often should you wash your hair? When it comes to washing your hair, no two heads are alike. Therefore, you need to figure out what your hair texture is all about in order to figure out just how often you should be washing your hair. Meeting with your hair stylist is one way to figure out what you should be doing as far as taking ... More


Hair Stylist in Hillsborough NJ

Why is our hair stylist like our therapist? Did you ever notice when you go to the salon to get your hair done, the second you sit in your hair stylist's chair you start spewing out every aspect of your life? We have a tendency to treat our hair salon like it's a therapy session and our hair stylist the therapist. When you sit in a ... More


Great Hair Styles in Hillsborough NJ

How to make your hair cooperate When your hair is healthy and shiny you can do anything with it. When it’s weak and brittle it won’t do much at all for you. If you want your hair to cooperate, it all stems from making sure it’s happy and healthy. If you think your hair doesn’t do anything, it’s time to get to the root of the ... More


Take Mom to the Hair Salon in Hillsborough

Pamper Mom this year for Mohter's Day Mom deserves the best. Why not pamper her with a day at the salon? With Mother’s Day fast approaching, forget the flowers and cards and give her the gift of hair! Going to a hair salon in Hillsborough is probably something Mom does anyway but why don’t you promise to go with her and make a day of ... More


Hillsborough Legends Hair Salon

The best hair starts with the right products and we’ve got them! At Legends Salon the products we use on your hair are just as important as how we style, cut and color your tresses. Finding the right ingredients for your hair type are imperative to keeping your hair looking vibrant and radiant. When choosing a hair salon in Hillsboro... More


Hair Salon Experts in Hillsborough!

The new take on the Mom-do from hair salon experts in Hillsborough NJ Just like the phrase “Mom-jeans”, there is also such a thing as “Mom-hair.” You know that look.  The longer in back, slightly–shorter-in-front bob that should read sleek but somehow missed its mark. It is not flattering or necessary. Just because you are a ... More


Find a Hair Stylist Near Me in Hillsborough

Questions your hair stylist wants you to ask them When you hit the hair salon, you want to make sure you come out with the hairstyle you are seeking. Any good hair stylist will ask you questions about what you are trying to achieve. But what about questions you have? Your hair stylist actually does want you to ask them questions about ... More


Book Now for Prom or Wedding!

Legends Salon is a full-service hair salon for both men and women located in Hillsborough NJ. Prom & Wedding Season is Here! Book an appointment now for your prom or wedding party! We offer: Fun Braided Styles Perms Hair Coloring Hair Straightening Make-up Services Extensions Waxing & more!  ... More