What To Know About Hair

Everything you need to know about hair Having beautiful, healthy hair isn’t just for models and celebrities. You can have strong, nourished hair too. All it takes to see a big difference is a few simple tricks and some tender loving care. Take the time to learn what your hair wants from you. Knowing your hair type (straight, wavy, ... More


Get Great Hair in Hillsborough

Your best look starts with great hair Finding a hair salon can be a daunting task.  It’s hard to find someone we trust to make our locks look luxurious.  Our hair is part of who we are and just like finding a doctor to take the best care of us on the inside, we need to find someone who can take care of us on the outside.  One hair ... More


Repair Your Hair in Hillsborough NJ

Bring your hair back to life When your hair is healthy and shiny you can do anything with it. When it’s weak and brittle it won’t do much at all for you. If you want your hair to cooperate, it all stems from making sure it’s happy and healthy. If you think your hair doesn’t do anything, it’s time to get to the root of the ... More


Best Haircuts in Hillsborough

Getting the hair you want (that you don’t have)! People who have straight hair want the look of bouncy curls and those with wavy locks dream of the look of pin straight hair. We always want what we don’t have! Fear not, however, there are many options available these days to give you what your heart (and hair) desires. Visit your ... More


Grooming Tips For Men

Men count too! Big grooming trends you need to know about When it comes to men’s haircuts and grooming, currently the trends are all about freshening up, blowing out the cobwebs and looking for the very best version of yourself. There is something for everyone and your hair salon has all the secrets. The return of the mustache The ... More


Hair Color For Autumn

Hair colors that give you an autumn glow There's nothing quite like that first whiff of crisp autumn air each year to remind you of the magic of fall -- well, maybe nothing except a fresh new hair color that captures the warmth and richness of the season's fiery hues! As you anticipate months decorated with vibrant fallen leaves, golden ... More


The Biggest Hair Trends

The biggest hair trends from fashion month Beauty is what you make it. Whether you choose to chop your bangs, layer on glitter or experiment with color, fashion month showed it all. We are going to take a look at the boldest hair looks from recent shows and runways. You can decide if any of these looks might fit your lifestyle and, as ... More


Perm Styles in Hillsborough NJ

The return of the perm First scrunchies and now perms; 80s hair is back! Not quite as big as before, but the techniques and styling sure is making a comeback! Did you ever get a blowout and wish those loose, soft curls would last forever? Well, you aren’t alone and more than every woman are turning to perms to get beachy waves and some ... More


Amazing Hairstyles & More

Award-winning hair At Legends Salon in Hillsborough NJ, our staff of highly trained, professional hairstylists helps you find the look that is right for your personality and lifestyle. We are passionate about our work, so we continue our training to master the latest techniques in hairstyling to give you elegant, gorgeous, fun styles to ... More


Hairstylist Tips

Hairstylist tips We all go to the salon with high expectations. Most of the time those expectations are met. Truth be told, there are many things you say to your hairstylist that they wish you would maybe understand a little more about before you say them. Below are some secrets from salons from saving money, getting a great hair cut, ... More