Hair Salon in Hillsborough NJ

Having Healthy Hair   Having healthy hair means knowing how to care for it. It’s not always just about using the right products, you have to be willing to put in some work in order to have healthy hair. Visit your local salon and they will tell you the same thing. Hair maintenance is key in order to have the gorgeous, flowy ... More


Great Hairstyles with Bangs

Bang! Bang! – Why bangs can make you look great at any age The current trend in hair styling is bangs. Actually bangs always seem to be in style. And doesn’t matter what your age is, anyone can wear bangs. Right now, intentionally long bangs are the rage. With the right cut, anyone can pull this look off. If you have bangs or are ... More


How to Treat Dry Hair

The causes of dry hair and how to treat it Your hair is your best feature. It frames your face and can show off your personality and style. So what happens when it suddenly turns dull-looking, brittle and straw-like, your focus immediately shifts to fixing the hair problem. Before you take action, you need to figure out what is stripping ... More


Best Conditioner For Your Hair

How to find the best conditioner for your hair Shampoo is always the talk but without its counterpart, our hair would never be able to look its best. One of the most important products for your hair is conditioner. It is formulated to help replenish dry hair with the moisture it needs to look its best. Even though most of us know we ... More


Hairdresser Tips from Hillsborough NJ!

How to keep your hair from tangling It’s no secret that maintaining long and beautiful hair requires proper care, however, one of the most frustrating things about having long hair is having to constantly deal with knots and tangles. Not only is it time-consuming, it can also be quite painful and damaging. If you can relate, this post ... More


Amazing Curly Hairstyles

Wearing your curly hair with pride Curly hair has gotten a bad rap as a statement of quirky individuality or a sign of laziness but the look’s fresh appeal lies in its confidence. In order to wear naturally curly hair with ease, you have to love it and be confident with your luscious, often crazy, locks. Finding the right hair salon to ... More


Summer Hair Color Tips by Legends Salon

Maintaining hair color during the summer Have you just colored your hair for the perfect summer look? Keeping your hair color vibrant when you are enjoying the sun and sea doesn’t need to be that hard. After you visit your local hair salon to achieve the perfect color, whether its sun-kissed blonde, daring black or bold red, use these ... More


Summer Hair Styles in NJ

Five ways to get your hair ready for summer Beach days and long, balmy nights are so close we can almost taste them. Even though we are desperate for their arrival, we aren’t going to say no to a little extra prep time. This is especially true for your hair. You want to prep your hair for summer because let’s face it, summer can ... More


Hairstyles for Prom in Hillsborough

How to wear your hair for Prom 2018 Prom is quickly approached and there is no better time than to figure out what ‘do is going to shine as brightly and as beautifully as your dress. After all, the two go hand in hand. Meet up with your local hair salon and figure out what style, cut and/or color is going to work for your big night. ... More

Hairstyles for Mom

Hairstyles for Mom

Pampering treats for Mom Mother’s day luxury treatments at Legends Salon of Hillsborough are just what Mom needs. Mother’s Day is a time to appreciate how lucky you are to have a mom like yours. We are all guilty of not saying thank you often enough so now is the perfect opportunity to treat mom. Show her how much you care with a ... More