Hair Trends for 2019

Hair trends for 2019 If you’ve been thinking of changing up your look this year, we’ve got a great bunch of choices here. Legends Salon of Hillsborough is going to tell you about the 2019 top hair trends. Visit your favorite hair salon and let us show you how you can achieve these looks for your own hair. A lot of people have the ... More


Good Food For Healthy Hair

Best food for healthier hair Load up on protein, bananas, and dark green veggies. Your locks will thank you. The pursuit of beautiful, shiny locks starts with fish, beans, bananas, and lentils. A healthy diet is as good for the 150,000 hair follicles on your head as it is for your body. Having a balanced diet, while putting extra ... More


Find A Good Hair Stylist

How to tell if you should break up with your hairdresser Going to the hair salon can mean many things. You could be getting your routine maintenance at the salon, transitioning your look for a new season or dramatically changing your style. Whatever you plan on doing, there is one thing you should be avoiding: a bad hair appointment. If ... More


New Year New You New Hair

Create a new sexy hairstyle for the New Year! 2018 is over so Happy New Year from the team at Legends Salon of Hillsborough! We were excited to spend quality time with friends and family but we are just as excited to welcome you all back in 2019! With a fresh new year comes the question, is it time for a change? All the promise of 365 ... More


Classic Haircuts For You

Classic haircuts that never go out of style Hair trends come and go but there’s a set of cuts that have proven to stand the test of time and therefore, will always be in style. While your favorite celebrities aren’t afraid to take chances and go for dramatic changes, many stars have one haircut they always return to. Do you have a ... More


Consider a Short Haircut

What to consider before getting a short haircut One of the best things about hair is the ability to experiment with style whenever you like. So, when it comes to making a major change, like getting a short haircut, it’s important to know what to expect. Your local hair salon, like Legends Salon of Hillsborough, has some tips to help ... More


Bring your hair back to life

Bring your hair back to life When your hair is healthy and shiny you can do anything with it. When it’s weak and brittle it won’t do much at all for you. If you want your hair to cooperate, it all stems from making sure it’s happy and healthy. If you think your hair doesn’t do anything, it’s time to get to the root of the ... More


Find A Hair Salon While You Are Away

Finding a hair salon when you out of town this holiday season It’s so enjoyable to head back to where you grew up for the holidays. Or maybe you are taking some time to enjoy someone else’s hometown or even taking a vacation instead of celebrating Christmas the traditional way. Whatever you are doing this holiday season, sometimes we ... More


Cure Dry Winter Hair

How to cure dry winter hair Just like your skin, your hair can get dry in the winter also. Like flaky skin, parched strands suffer in the cold. It’s pretty easy and necessary to keep your hair looking radiant even in the winter. Here is some practical advice from your hairstylists and hair salons, along with updates on hair hydrating ... More


What To Know About Hair

Everything you need to know about hair Having beautiful, healthy hair isn’t just for models and celebrities. You can have strong, nourished hair too. All it takes to see a big difference is a few simple tricks and some tender loving care. Take the time to learn what your hair wants from you. Knowing your hair type (straight, wavy, ... More