Summer Hairstyles at Legends Salon in Hillsborough NJ!

Summer Hairstyles for 2017!


Summer is almost here and with it comes familiar hair woes: frizziness, damage, split ends. In the summer it gets so hot and if you have long hair down your back it can drive you crazy. Even shorter hair needs to be pulled away from the face so we aren’t in a constant sweat.   That damage that is done between swims in the ocean or the swimming pool can cause our hair to go into disarray. We face our hair turning green from the chlorine or algae and even the knots that form from swimming.

We’ve teamed up with some hair stylists at Legends Salon in Hillsborough to show us some of the hottest hairstyles for summer. They are easy to demonstrate looks that you can try at home.

The upside down braid

This look is essentially the upside down braid in a topknot.

Step 1: Divide hair into two sections

Step 2: Start a backward French braid starting at the nape of your neck all the way to the crown of your head. Secure with elastic

Step 3: Twist the other section of hair around it to create a bun on top of your head. Secure with pins.

The banana bun

A fresh take on the up-do! This style takes just five easy steps.

Step 1: Divide your hair into two sections from the crown to behind each ear.

Step 2: Secure the back into a low ponytail, leaving the ends looped in the elastic forming an oblong shape (the banana part).

Step 3: Pull front sections back and twist around the ponytail, like you would if you were attempting a French twist. Secure with pins.

Step 4: Pick up the loose ends sticking out of the bun, push them up into the bottom of the ponytail and secure with more pins.

Step 5: Customize the shape of the bun to your liking using some hairspray and gently scrunch it into a few loose pieces to frame the face.

Faux Hawk

This is the look for short hair.

Step 1: Use hairspray to tease your hair up

Step 2: Twist into a Mohawk look

Step 3: Use pins to secure into place.

Tip: use mineral SPF powder to keep your hairline from burning.

For the guys

Guys need to take care of their hair in the summer as well. Using texture cream that contains an SPF is one way to protect hair follicles. Use scalp and beard oil to protect your scalp and that facial hair which can become brittle if not treated properly.

These are some simple suggestions for keeping your hair up and out of the way during the hot summer months. If you are out in the elements for long periods of time or even just spending a day at the beach, your hair needs stronger treatment in the summer. Make sure you condition your hair and use after sun care products on it once the day is over. There are a plethora of products on the market that you can purchase to protect your hair in the sun including an SPF spray, which is basically sunscreen for your hair.

Get with your hair salon to find some great hair styling tips and products that will help you have the best summer hair! Legends Salon of Hillsborough can show you some of the hottest products that not only protect your hair from the elements; they condition and nourish your hair as well.

Get ready for summer at Legends Salon!

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