The Biggest Hair Trends

The biggest hair trends from fashion month


Beauty is what you make it. Whether you choose to chop your bangs, layer on glitter or experiment with color, fashion month showed it all. We are going to take a look at the boldest hair looks from recent shows and runways. You can decide if any of these looks might fit your lifestyle and, as always, consult with your favorite hair stylist before attempting anything dramatic.

Baby bangs

Made popular by Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday” and then popularized again in the 1990’s, micro bangs made their return on a number of runways this year. The various versions of baby bangs each had a DIY vibe meaning they looked like anyone could do them. Don’t let that look fool you though. It’s best to leave this micro locks to the professionals if it is a look you are looking to achieve for yourself.

Skillful braids

This season’s most interesting braids, which are woven into the backs of the head of discreetly tucked into otherwise styled hair, are a look to watch closely. Some looks were made with two separate plaits, such as stitching them together at the nape to form a tight coil that swings down models’ backs and not visible from the front. Some models wore a single, razor-thin braid that snaked along the center part line until diffusing into a beautiful tangle at the neck. Such braids are more art than anything and shouldn’t be missed.

Glistening hair

Hairstylists had a smart answer to the unpredictability of the weather: leave the dryer in the drawer. Wet, saturated tresses were the starting point for a number of beauty looks. High-shine and super-slicked-down manes can give anyone a strong look. This trend can also be made a little subtler. The dampness can be concentrated at the crown, mimicking the dual texture of hair that is still drying after a walk in the rain.


Rarely is the functional headband thought of as a sophisticated accessory yet designers fully embraced it. Prada paired its runway looks with oversized wraparound styles, made from either fabric or leather and embellished with studs, crystals, and bows. The sky is the limit and the adornments are limitless but the headband is back in a big way.

Not all great looks come from the runway; it depends on the person’s individual style and look. Your hair can be whatever you want it to be. You can be fun and flirty or quiet and reserved. Your look is uniquely yours. Decide where your hair is going and where you want to take it. Then hit the hair salon and talk to your stylist about mixing things up, or taking things down a notch, depending on where the state of your hair currently is. Enjoy being playful with your hair either through accessories, color or cut.

The great thing about hair is that it can be whatever you want it to be and Legends Salon of Hillsborough can show you all the possibilities.

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